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Top Ten Actors Who Played Themselves

There’s a special place in Heaven* for actors who have the guts to play themselves. To look that deeply into your own navel and actually come out with something interesting and/or hilarious is a rare gift. Here’s my list of ten (or thirteen) souls have

Movie Review: Black Swan

Ballet is a monster. Or so suggests Darren Aronofsy by way of his latest film. Two years after resurrecting the career of Mickey Rourke and moving audiences (meaning me) to tears with The Wrestler (2008), the director has put his stamp on the year 2010

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03.15.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. LOCATION Las Vegas Disgusting, overly opulent, excessive and quite possibly the best damn two and half days in recent memory. Whether wondering from overdone hotel to insanely themed hotel, beverage always in hand, sunning ourselves at the pool, losing money on penny slots and

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Pogo: Source-driven Pop-Hypnotica

I’ve always been a fan of remix culture – anything from hip-hop sampling to officially-sanctioned club remixes and extended mixes of popular radio tunes to, most recently, mashups – as it displays a creativity and understanding of art that often surpasses the original work or

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The True Santa Story: a Spokesman Gets Diabetes

Watch the popten exclusive real video story of Santa Claus. To keep with the times and provide the nicest toys, Santa was forced earn money by promoting everything from Coke-Cola to M&M’s. His unlimited supply of soda and sweets made him fatter and fatter. When

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Gedda Headz have Spaced Out, and I love it.

I am officially completely obsessed with the Gedda Headz’ video Spaced Out. Upon visiting their website I realized they are more than a band, and actually an enclave of cool gamer people. They all have avatars that fit into some simplified 3d future. The band

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The Fansub Controversy

A fansub (short for fan-subtitled) is a version of a foreign film or TV program which has been translated by fans and subtitled into a language other than that of the original. As Tanya stated, fansubbing can be illegal according to copyright laws in various