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Go Hands-Free with Connect-A-Desk

As I previously said, I got my iPad for my job. Being in a wheelchair, you’d think I would be able to rest a laptop or iPad on your lap and have it be stable, right? Wrong. Even reclined, it isn’t stable, and when I

Battle of the iPad Cases

As technology becomes more and more powerful, it’s becoming more important to protect your investment. However, while touchscreen tablets are getting more popular, they lack one major thing: a physical keyboard. With that said, ThinkGeek has come to the rescue yet again, selling iPad cases

[Review] MLG Pro Circuit Controller for PS3

Competitive gaming is becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s shooters like Halo or fighters like Street Fighter, more people are taking gaming seriously. The website for the MLG (Major League Gaming) Pro Circuit Controller states that for a pro gamer, a controller isn’t just