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Top Ten Actors Who Played Themselves

There’s a special place in Heaven* for actors who have the guts to play themselves. To look that deeply into your own navel and actually come out with something interesting and/or hilarious is a rare gift. Here’s my list of ten (or thirteen) souls have

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Lost’s Final Episodes: My Top Ten Fears

Well, only six episodes to go. Some of my theories have been dramatically disproven, others are still flopping on the table, awaiting further evidence. It’s been a pretty good ride so far… but there have been almost as many questions as answers, and we have

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Top Ten Crazy Lost Theories (Homebrewed)

Sometime last week, as I was rewatching bits and pieces of Season 5, that feeling came back. It’s a sensation that took me back in 2004, when the hatch was closed, the Island was new, and Hurley was just a chubby stranger with a golf

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Top Ten Television Shows of the Decade

Come with me, friends, to another time. Let’s say 1998ish. Ross and Rachel rule the airwaves, ER is hailed as the Best Drama Evar. As the sun sets on Seinfeld, critics mourn its passing, proclaiming that we’re not likely to see a show of its

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Tonight, We Bomb the Moon (No, Really)

We live in interesting times. Maybe we’re trying to show India who’s boss. Maybe we’re just angry. Either way, tonight at, 10/9/09 at 4:30 AM pacific, we are going to bomb the moon to see if there’s water in the fallout. Why weren’t we told

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Top Ten Web/Browser Games

Allow me to Infomercial you for a second. Isn’t Gaming a Hassle? Turning on your television, picking up your controller, turning on your console, waiting for a game to load, turning it off when you’re done. It’s a short-attention span world. We all want distractions,

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The Old Ways Are the Best

South Africans decided to pit a carrier pigeon against their broadband service. Guess who won? Full story here. Thanks to Belinda, our international correspondent, for the scoop.