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Top Ten Fantasy Football Sites

There are plenty of fantasy football sites out there for fans to choose from, but here we will rank the top ten. Most of them require just a simple registration and you can immediately start having some fun. In the past fantasy football fans had

Top Ten Board Games of All Time

By Josh Edwards I love board games. I mean, really, who doesn’t? In fact, I love them so much that I have a blog dedicated simply to board games (it’s called Board Game Reviews by Josh.) So, when I was asked to name the Top

Top Ten air guitar songs

We all do funny and embarrassing things when we have the house to ourselves, some people have conversations with their pets, while others pretend their hairbrush is a microphone and sing along to their favorite songs. In the past, Pop Ten has given you the

Pizza Boomerang – NSFW

Pizza Boomerang – YouTube. Making the rounds in our collective meme consciousness in a NSFW viral video about a pizza boomerang that will come from the heavens to save our burnt mouths from total annihilation. I really cannot speak to what this Spanish language video

Top 10 Facebook Games

Facebook may have begun as a way to keep tabs on other college students but it’s evolved over the years into one of the largest gaming platforms ever created. Millions of people log in every day to play popular games such as Farmville and Mafia

10 Super Disappointing Moments in Life

They happened to me and they can happen to you. Never underestimate reality. It’s stranger than fiction. Cue Bad Religion, it’s time for the countdown to ten moments I don’t wish upon anyone. 10. When you see a guy with a ponytail and probably a

Top Ten Worst Post-Star Wars Character Careers

It’s a good thing that a galaxy far, far away exists because our friends from Star Wars would have a tough time hacking it in our society here on Earth. Though we love them, fitting in may be a problem. And truthfully, we don’t want

Embarrassing Green Lantern Trailer

It’s kind of frightening when a trailer is so abysmal it almost shatters world records. In the new Green Lantern trailer we see Van Wilder come up against insurmountable odds as he dons the universe police jump suit. We honestly thought it was a joke

10 Toys That Made Me Feel Inadequate As A Child

You know those toys that were far too complicated to be given to children under the age of 10? Here they are. 1980’s babies and beyond, prepare for a flashback to the days where you fumbled in confusion asking yourself (unfairly), “Why am I an