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Tig Notaro is brave and amazing.

Louis C.K.’s newest offering for sale on his website is an audio recording of a recent set from comedian Tig Notaro. I subscribe to Louis’s site, which means occasionally when he’s selling something he thinks his fans will like, he sends one very obviously self-authored

Top Ten Wedding Songs

So when your high school BFF (Jeanne) gets married (tomorrow), really the only appropriate thing to do is make a wedding-y mix. Here are my 11 favorite wedding/marriage/love is forever songs in her honor. 1. Ben Folds – The Luckiest 2. The Magnetic Fields –

20 Weird Records Set By College Students

By the time you hit college, you know whether you can ever expect to set a world record in track and field, be the youngest Ph.D. in history, or achieve some equally impressive distinction. But take heart: there are all sorts of records out there

The Quickest Quick Start Guide to Pinterest

You’ve heard of it, you just got an invite to join and you’re excited… but wait! What do you do? Where do you start? What IS it?!?! There are a lot of quick start guides out there, but they are a little wordy so let