Top Ten Ways to Know if You Are a Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen

Hello Upper East Siders.

Some of you may walk the streets as if you own the town like Blair, but beware: Your actions may prove you to be more of a Serena. Are you ready to take the ultimate test? Gossip Girl has eyes everywhere, so answer truthfully. Here it is, little minions…

1. If you are a hopeless romantic and believe that you have one true soul-mate in this lifetime, you are a Blair.

But, I wouldn’t sit around waiting for the champagne and flowers. It hasn’t worked out for Blair yet.

Sorry Queen Bee, but Chuck isn’t the one you said “I do” to.

2. If you have had multiple scandalous affairs, you are a Serena;

always looking for the right guy in the wrong places. Poor Serena.

Spotted: Serena with two Archibald’s. Should have picked the one in front of you, S.

3. Obsessed with the latest trends in hair accessories?

Does it add that extra oomf to your conservative outfit? Take your luxurious headband out for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, because you’re a Blair.

4. Do you wear mini skirts or statement jewelry to brunch?

Well it’s maybe because it’s last nights’ outfit Serena. Maybe not. Those are stories we’ll never tell.

5. Do you drink Bellinis?

Two years ago, Bellinis would define Blair. If you are still drinking this standard cocktail, we’re sorry poor wannabe.

6. New girls in town, beware.

If you’re a Blair, you make the minion earn (work for) your respect. If you’re a Serena, you at least try to give her a chance before you stab her in the back. Sorry upper east siders, life’s just a bitch.

7. Would you rather have a torrid love affair with an older, married politician or live not-so-happily-ever-after with a prince whom you don’t love?

If you choose politician, you are a Serena; prince you are a Blair.

8. Are you a risk-taker?

Serena lives impulsively and dangerously, as she judges her actions based upon her heart. Blair cautiously decides her path by following her head. Both roads lead to regret. You should make your decisions wisely by listening to your head and your heart. Better luck next time, Serena and Blair.

At least you have each other. For now, that is.

9. If you’re a heart breaker

who secretly yearns for the bad boy, you’re a Blair. If you’re a heartbreaker who secretly crushes on the boy next door, you’re a Serena. Either way, you’ve left a messy trail of broken hearts.

10.Only child syndrome or big dysfunctional family?

Blair, you have only-child syndrome. Serena, your big dysfunctional family may come with a set of louis vuitton baggage but you love your siblings anyways.

Poor Serena, we weren’t talking about this kind of baggage.

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