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Top Ten Tumblr Blogs

The Tumblr universe is vast. From the endless GIF blog nebulas to the ever-expanding galaxies of nail art, it’s a sprawling, mostly unnavigable, awe-inspiring mess. How to find the meme-iest gems, or at the very least some face-melting photos? It’s been two years since I

Five of the Cleverest Casino Heists

We might have romantic notions about casino heists thanks to films like Ocean’s Eleven, but the reality is often more ugly than we’d like to believe. However, some of the world’s most famous heists have involved more ingenuity than simply storming in and brandishing a

Meta: Susan Sontag On Why Lists Appeal to Us

                            “The list is the origin of culture,” Umberto Eco famously proclaimed. Whether or not he was right about origin, the list is very much a currency of culture, today’s favorite attention-exploitation

How to Write a Screenplay or Tell a Better Story

How to Write a Screenplay or Tell a Better Story View more presentations from Victor Pineiro I woke up sometime last week and decided I wanted to write a Storytelling/Screenwriting 101 presentation. For one, a bunch of my friends have been asking me to take

What Is The Universe?

    What is and isn’t the universe? I’d never really included ‘the future’ in my definition of the unknown universe – it’s interesting to see it diced up this way. Of course, what was the Internet was created for if not for getting the

Stealer: This Game Is the Answer to Our Dreams

STEALER – YouTube.   Almost all we have is this trailer. There’s a forum full of other ravenous gamers wanting to get their hands on whatever STEALER ends up being, and a vague site with little info… But otherwise all we can do for now

The Meaning of Mate

Just in time for Australia Day, a brilliant primer on the myriad uses of that oft-spoken word (which, for better or worst, shall forever be cemented in my generation’s minds alongside Paul Hogan’s beaming face) – Mate. Mate. A four-letter word. A four-letter word that