The Meaning of Mate

Just in time for Australia Day, a brilliant primer on the myriad uses of that oft-spoken word (which, for better or worst, shall forever be cemented in my generation’s minds alongside Paul Hogan’s beaming face) – Mate.

Mate. A four-letter word. A four-letter word that rivals any other four-letter word for linguistic dexterity. In The Meaning Of Mate, we have documented just 18 of its iconic uses – 18 as it was in 1818 that the first official celebrations took place of what became known as Australia Day. Each short clip is a reminder for those of us who know, and a how-to for those yet to find out. Whether by birth or just by heart, everyone has a chance this Australia Day to deliver an iconic “Mate!” to those they love and those they loathe.

Check it out here.

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