Top Ten Fantasy Football Sites

There are plenty of fantasy football sites out there for fans to choose from, but here we will rank the top ten. Most of them require just a simple registration and you can immediately start having some fun.

In the past fantasy football fans had to gather in one place and use score boards, notebooks, pens and what not to record their fantasy football teams, statistics and results. But today with the advancements in technology the possibilities are endless, although the social aspect of the game is much different. Fantasy football has even grown into a big industry where millions of dollars are raked in every year. Keen to steal money away from online casinos such as the ones showcased here, football fantasy sites sprung up by the dozen. Though it’s much easier now that most online casinos have been outlawed.

Anyway, here is a list of the top ten fantasy football sites based on our experience.

FOX Fantasy

10. Fox Sports

Fox’s fantasy football doesn’t really standout among the many, but it has all the essentials that a fantasy football site needs to have. It provides easy navigation and has a highly functional draft client. Nevertheless, it has nothing that other sites don’t have and there is nothing really above and beyond what it should have. It does stand out design-wise, but it has fairly infrequent analysis pieces. However, it is far from being a bad fantasy football site. (Visit Site)

Fanium Fantasy Football

9. Fanium

This is a fantasy football site that is available solely on mobile devices (Android and iPhone). It has a very simple and uncluttered interface with very little information. The drafting of players feels like the real deal. It is long and can take up to 8 hours. This is great for players that enjoy spending a lot of thinking on the draft and chatting with other players. However, it misses some classic elements. (Visit Site)

8. Fan Duel

This is the largest daily sports fantasy site. If you are looking for daily and even weekly fantasy football, then Fan Duel is perfect for you. This site is especially suitable to fantasy football players that don’t like a full season commitment. Here you can find both buy in/cash prize and free formats, and a service for both experienced and casual fantasy players. (Visit Site)

7. ESPN Sub Games

ESPN Sub Games too is a great site for players that don’t want to commit to their fantasy football team throughout the entire season. Here you can find daily and weekly games like Eliminator Challenge, Pigskin Pick’em, and even college football games. These are able to offer players something slightly different than traditional fantasy football games. (Visit Site)

Fantasy Football Free Fantasy Football for 2014 Season


It can be said that this is the official fantasy football site considering it is run by the NFL association. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing sites for both PC’s and mobiles, especially in terms of the team’s logos. It has useful analysis and research features and it is simple to comprehend. Besides looking good it has a great draft client, but there are too many ads plus the mobile app can be a bit slow. It is a great fantasy football site, but there are better. (Visit Site)

5. CBS Sports

CBS has probably the best weekly game preparation and analysis articles. You can find articles from many different experts here that can offer you very accurate daily draft preparation tips about trends, plus the site is constantly updated with news about players. Even if you don’t want to go with CBS, you should at least visit the site for the expert insights. Besides that, it has one of the most gorgeous mobile apps.

4. Fleaflicker

This is one of those sites that are hard to fully grasp. You either get it how it works or you go to use another site that is fairly easier to understand. It is not flashy site at all. Instead it is all about the sport. The draft client looks like it has been taken straight out of the 1990s, but its aim is to provide that old school feeling when you used to use a pen to play fantasy football. It doesn’t hurt much that it doesn’t have a mobile app because with all the simplicity the site fits well on mobile devices. If you want to go straight to business without any distractions, Fleaflicker is the right choice for you. (Visit Site)

3. MyFantasyLeague

MFL has one of the most loyal fan bases that claim to be part of one of the best fantasy football sites, probably because paying for a product generates loyalty. You can use the service free, but by becoming a paying member you have the chance to win some cash. On top of that it is really worth spending your money on. It is the most customizable site ever, because you can customize anything you want from top to bottom. It offers very helpful articles, great customer support and all of that, but sadly it doesn’t have a very good looking mobile app. (Visit Site)

Fantasy Games ESPN


ESPN, the self-proclaimed leader in sports, has long ago realized how important fantasy sports are, and the result of that is their excellent fantasy football platform. The most hardcore fantasy players are the happiest people at ESPN’s fantasy football. This site has one of the fastest loading live scoring updates, great rooster features, clearly presented and useful analysis, draft prep articles, news updates, injury reports and everything else. This is truly one of the best fantasy football sites out there. (Visit Site)

Fantasy Football Yahoo Sports

1. Yahoo

Years in a row Yahoo has been voted the best fantasy football site, and we claim no different. It offers the best mix of in-depth support, attractiveness and simplicity, while rookie fantasy players can get the hang of the site in just a couple of minutes. Yahoo is actually the site that made live scoring popular. The jewel on the crown is the mobile app. This app is a perfect summary of the entire service. It is one of the fastest loading too and it is very easy to use. There is hardly anyone that has complained about Yahoo’s fantasy football service. (Visit Site)

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