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Looxcie Wearable Camcorder like Snowcrash

Did you ever read Snowcrash? Do you remember how they had people whose entire existence was documenting 360 degrees of an event? They would be automatically uploading the information to some massive archival server. If the media was used in anyway in the news that

Top Ten Best Games of All Time

10. Monopoly Monopoly is a board game that can be played by children eight years old and up. This game is geared towards real estate where the goal of each player is to gain the most properties and become wealthy. 9. Chess Chess is a

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Tiger Woods dealt Hush Money to his Harem

In yet more incredible Tiger Woods news it turns out he was giving out $5 – 10k per month to his harem of ladies in hush money. The level at which he ran his love life like a business is absolutely amazing to me. I

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Gedda Headz have Spaced Out, and I love it.

I am officially completely obsessed with the Gedda Headz’ video Spaced Out. Upon visiting their website I realized they are more than a band, and actually an enclave of cool gamer people. They all have avatars that fit into some simplified 3d future. The band

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Droid Does, iPhone Killer Revealed

Just recently Motorola released the full specifications to the brand new Droid phone, and I must say it looks like we may have something to rival an iPhone. I feel like we’ve said it before though, and only time will tell if a Google phone

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Slap Chop Rap

First there was Sham Wow. We bought it. Then there was the Slap Chop. We bought it. Finally there is the slap chop rap. Unbelievably, this is not only hilarious but actually well made.

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Reynolds & Griffin Book Signing

This last Friday our very own Reynolds and Griffin had their book signing. The Leo Kesting Gallery was full of people, and Ivan Aryee was on the turn tables spinning. Jason Griffin had been up 24 hours a day for the last week putting on

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Jordy, just another fad I loved.

I was humming oooooh la la baby randomly today. This is a song by a little french kid talking about how hard it is to be a baby. Well – it’s embarrassing that I was singing about it or thinking about it. Anyways, Hawkes asks

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Welcome Ji-un! Our resident expert in film & TV

The last year I was in college (2003) I met Ji-un, and we talked about movies: Directors who had lost their way, Actors who summed up all that was good in the world, and everything inbetween. Lots of late nights were spent at dive bars