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YouTube Fight! All-Time Best Movie Trailer

I was surfing the nets listening to when the Frou Frou song “Let Go” came on, and it reminded me of my first days in New York, and this trailer.

I remember when I first caught this, my friend Rohan exclaimed that it was the best trailer of all time. I agree completely- forget about the movie itself, pretend you’ve never seen it. The editing is brilliant, it has this quasi-mystical tone chock-full of WTF moments, and the song is pitch-perfect.

I hope you disagree, because this is, after all, a good old PopTen YouTube fight. (Also, as a guy who makes movies, you’ll have to forgive my choice- not Memento or Truffaut or Bicycle Thief?! Fuck. That. I’m keeping it real. As real as a coming-of-age Zach Braff tale gets… nevermind.)

Post your favorite trailer in the comments!

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