Introducing Randee Dawn!


Allow me to introduce a special guest writer for the next month, Randee Dawn. Above she is pictured with Ice-T. I wish I had a picture with Ice-T I could flaunt too. We met on the film festival circuit where she was writing for The Hollywood Reporter. She’s a huge talent and her work spans some of the biggest publications out there such as FoxNews and the L.A. Times. Since we met she has taken me to everything from underground dinner parties to secret rooftop bars. She’s a good friend and incredible writer. I’m proud to have her on board, and coming in September she has a book out called Law & Order SVU: The Unofficial Companion.

The book cover is below for your viewing pleasure.


Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza

Juan Carlos directed two acclaimed films: "Know How" a musical written and acted by youth in foster care, and "Second Skin" a documentary on virtual worlds. He is Director of Social Action Impact & Public Affairs at Participant Media, and the Founder of White Roof Project, a nonprofit organization curbing climate change. @jcpe

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