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The Top 50 Songs of 2008: Said the Gramophone

Gramophone Lover

Ah the joys of stumbling onto a sublime blog. Not only did this post awaken me to a slew of fantastic songs, the reviews of each song are written so beautifully and dead on… frankly, reading and listening to this blog post was a delight. (You can listen to every song on this list!)

To start things off, Sean states exactly how I felt about 2008’s singles:

“2008 did not have a “Hey Ya!”, a “Crazy in Love”, a “1 Thing” – a song so essential that it felt like a new page ought to be added to the calendar. (If anything, it had“Paper Planes”.) ”

Then he goes on to blow my brains with each song and review.

If you don’t have time to listen to all fifty, here are the ones I highly recommend:

1. Antony & The Johnsons – Another World

This was one of those stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks songs. Lordy, it feels like Antony is squeezing his heart out of his mouth.

(more after the jump)

3. Rye-Rye w/ MIA – Tic Toc

This song’s Tic Tic Tic Tic Toc rhythm will resurface right before you go to bed every night. It’s worth the lost sleep.

8. Chairlift – Bruises

For those who love precious indie twee-pop, this song is bliss. If you are not of the twee-pop persuasion, stay far away.

12. Kanye West – Say You Will

You’ve probably already heard this. If not, Mr.West emotes and it ain’t half bad.

14. Frightened Rabbit – Keep Yourself Warm

Not my favorite Frightened Rabbit song, but this is an excuse for me to urge you to see these guys live- the drummer goes into an epileptic fit and basically devours his drums with his sticks. Its fucking amazing.

21. Elbow – Starlings

Beautiful fanfare I highly recommend.

28. Final Fantasy – Blue Imelda

I have to quote Sean hear, b/c he’s just brilliant. “Final Fantasy released two albums this year. One was recorded at a CBC studio, and one – from which this song is taken, – was recorded at a forest in the fictional country of Spectrum. It was recorded in the 14th century. If this sounds far-fetched, you are not a student of history. “Blue Imelda” has all the hallmarks of Spectrum ca. 1360 – steel drums, tuba blasts, a melancholy to puff seafaring sails.”

31. Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook

This was also one of my top 50 (hell, top 5) singles of 2008. Sigur Ros do euphoria beautifully.

42. Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit – Dinosaur On the Ark

Mostly I just included this one so I could safely say that I once used the word “radioclit” on this blog. No, wait- I’m listening to it now and its full of win.

43. Beck – Walls

Danger Mouse, Beck and Cat Power on one track? This is a no-brainer.

46. Ratatat – Mirando

WTF in the best of ways.

Okay just check out Said the Gramophone’s list here!

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