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Real Life Costumed Superheroes (I Shit You Not)

doktor discord

Soon-to-be PopTenGuy Greg Babonis just stumbled onto a gold mine!

The World Superhero Registry isn’t for role players who pretend to be super heroes. It isn’t for cosplay and it isn’t for the weak of heart. It is intended only for actual masked vigilantes who patrol the streets of our fair nation righting wrongs.

According to the site, “A Real-Life Superhero is a person who does good deeds or fights crime while in costume. This is a movement among ordinary people to make the world a better place in an extraordinary way. There are always those who will take something less seriously, but the Real-Life Superhero community is generally composed of sincere, well meaning people who have finally decided to go out and make a difference.”

Above is Doktor DiscorD, who patrols Indianapolis, and doesn’t bother with petty larceny. As he states it, “We dont care about victimless crime like drug use or people buying prostitutes. The kind of CRIME we’re talking about is the kind that makes little old ladies afraid to leave their houses.”

(More pics and site link after the jump!!)

His brethren have names like Amazonia, Captain Jackson, Green Scorpion, Polar Man and Citizen Prime. (Sorry guys, it looks like Citizen Prime is officially taken. You can all go back to the drawing board now.) Their identities are mostly listed as secret, many of them are part of super hero teams like Justice Corps and Justice Society of Justice. And while some fight crime (legally, they assure us) others like Polar Man shovel elders’ steps and walkways in costume.

Below is another super hero, Tothian, an ex-marine and martial artist who fights crime in Jersey and New York, and states, “My whole life, I’ve always known my that my mission in life was to save the world from evil. I’ve dedicated my entire life to studying and training in the ways of the Warrior. I am a Martial Artist, and former Marine Grunt. I’m out there patrolling on a nightly basis, seeking to protect the innocent and defenseless from harm, and fight evildoers. Because my name is Tothian. And I destroy evil.”


And here’s Citizen Prime…


…and Master Legend.


More pics and an amazing FAQ on the World Superhero Registry site HERE.

Once again, thank you Greg Babonis!!

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