Ten Reasons Why I’ve Fallen In Love With 90.7 WFUV


During my roadtrip to Cali, Texas, and back to good ol’ NYC I’ve listened to several different radio stations nation-wide. A native of NYC I’ve also listened to dozens of different city stations ever since my elementary days. Of course we all miss K-Rock, but aside from them radio just seems to have disappeared from many people’s lives. I know for me, the iPod and the digital mp3 format of one of my life necessities has caused my lack of radio wave attentiveness. Unfortunately, as many of us have come to realize (if not accept), many forms of media are dying; becoming obsolete to the all-powerful internet based digital age. Radio is no exception, barely even being heard in the most prominent place; the automobile.

Returning to my home after nine days of endless driving and eye-opening awe, I needed my dose of vibrating tones, but somehow became distant from my own collection of personal music files (if not due to an abundant use of that nifty Apple device of mine). Easily intrigued by the world of sounds I’ve yet to have heard, I crawled back to my loyal radio in hopes of variety; new material. Avoiding the usual pop stations, I scrolled through until the dissonance was gone and eventually arrived at this gem; 90.7 FM.

[in no order of importance]

Reason #1: The XX – Crystalised

This was the first song that really caught me from the FUV. I was immediately entranced by The XX’s amazing euphoric sound and drowned myself in their self-titled album. It was amazing to say the least of the least! After I became Crystalised, the chain reaction started and I received a shock treamtent of over two dozen songs before I even was familiar with one; all of which were worth listening to over while admiring their aural presence yet again.

Reason #2: The Chemical Brothers – Midnight Madness

90.7 WFUV presents an extraordinarily ecclectic mix of music ranging from classic rock to international sounds to soothing ambience on Echoes (one of their many featured programs).

Reason #3: The Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning

Crying Lightning is one of many great tracks from the seemingly endless sequence of splendid surprises pouring out of the frequency 90.7. Did I mention they don’t play the same song twice in one day?

Reason #4: Bat for Lashes – Daniel

WFUV isn’t just one station. The FUV has several station feeds, if you will, that change up the mix constantly; providing hourly or longer sections of themed musical selections.

Reason #5: New Order – Your Silent Face

The FUV has great interviews with some of the most classic rockers as well as new ones. What’s great is they’re actually chill to listen to and learn about how these famed musicians came to be. What’s even better is they’re short and there aren’t many (if any; can’t quite remember) commercials. Just earloads of great vibes!

Reason #6: Mew – Introducing Palace Players

It’s super difficult to get even slightly nauseated by this station with their daily fluctuating fix of new artists mixed with memorable classics. Top the ‘we don’t play the same songs every hour and a half’ sundae with a little drizzle of alternating station chocolate and throw some multi-genre sprinkles in the mix and you’ve got the amazing WFUV.

Reason #7: Lou Barlow – Gravitate

Along with the smoothest line-up of spectacular jams, sweet interviews, and very limited commercials, the FUV gives you the scoop on the outside world with quick news blips (only the really important shit).

Reason #8: The Kills – U R A Fever

Come on guys, it’s NPR!!!

Reason #9: Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes

Reason #10: The Postal Service -Such Great Heights

Enough said…

Mike Wroblewski

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