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For all of you who haven’t seen the off-broadway hit, FELA!, kill yourselves now. Or…just go see it. Now. It’s a musical about the late Nigerian activist, and father of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti. It’s rich with culture, passion, and awesome music (Antibalas plays as Kuti’s band.) Plus, Sparlha Swa is in it! And well, she’s HOT!

One of the first scenes of the movie, “Fela” is reminiscing about an interview he had once, where a british interviewer asked the question, “Fela, is it true that your favorite things in the world, are marijuana, pussy, ice cream, and cake?”

His response, “Well, Nigel, yes. That’s true,” he continues, “But I also love Nigeria!”

Come on, with a line like that at the beginning, who wouldn’t want to witness this! Say yay yay! (You have to go to get the “yay yay” reference, so don’t be lame. Just go.)

It’s playing at 37 Arts, until Oct. 4

OHHHH and when I went, I bumped into Fiona Apple! Why? Because Fiona knows what the hell is goin’ on! Yay yay!

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