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When I Met Larry Platt (Pants On The Ground)

It’s always a trip when you turn on the TV and see someone you know. Always. It never gets old. At least, not for me. So imagine my surprise when I turned on American Idol (the auditions, of course) and saw Larry Platt performing an

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A letter to the future (a decade ago)

From December 31, 1999, 11:59 p.m. Hello, people of 2010, and congratulations on finding this time capsule! I’m writing this chronicle of my era to the sweet clackety-clack of the keyboard on my state-of-the-art Apple iBook. Can you imagine? 366 MHz? This thing’s faster

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Obama’s first year…a fair critique

John H. Richardson weighs in on Obama’s first year. Brilliant and thoughtful. (Swipe from Esquire Magazine) I have figured out The Problem With America Today. My inspiration was the recent one-year-later cover of Newsweek, which encapsulates the current conventional wisdom about President Obama in a

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The Avett Brothers : I and Love and You

I think I’ve listened to this song a million times in the last month. It’s a gorgeous song, poignant in its simplicity, raw in it’s sentiment. The video compliments the song effortlessly. Thank you ABs for not blowing it.