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Finally, 3-D Web Video

If you don’t still own a pair of cardboard 3-D glasses, then go pick up a pair before we proceed. All set? Okey-doke. The disgustingly talented people over at Encyclopedia Pictura have made an epic video for the Bjork song Wanderlust, and you can watch the friggin thing in 3-D on their website. Why has it taken so long for someone to finally pull this vintage trick off online? I get the feeling the file size of something like this is pretty extreme, as a message at the beginning of the video explains that the 3-D effect will not survive any further compression, and the thing did take an unusually long time to load on my computer. So that may be part of it.

Still, this is an exciting step, and I look forward to more online video that incorporates clever gimmickry. Perhaps John Waters could post some Smell-O-Vision shorts on YouTube, or someone will remake William Castle’s “The Tingler” as a webseries that sends tiny electric shocks to your keyboard.

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