You’re Welcome for the Power

This should have a million views. When I was a kid all I cared about was Turtle Power. I wanted to be Donatello. Which Turtle were you? Who did you prefer Bebop or Rocksteady? Were you a fan of the TV show first? Did you have the original figures that you could only get at Target, and then all your friends who were once skeptical were awed by your greatness? Yeah… you could say I was a pretty big fan.

On the other hand – Go ninja! Go ninja! Go. Vanilla Ice’s musical debacle after the jump.

This deserves a third the views as my friend from the Hit Crew. It’s an unfair world we live in. Which is why Secret of the Ooze had nearly as much acclaim as TMNT 1. Then the abysmal Turtles in Time. Which rightfully destroyed the era of animatronic turtles.

Finally a moment of TMNT blooper zen.

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