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Content Creators Unite at The Workbook Project

While the web has no shortage of artistic forums, few of them offer the elegant cohesion of The Workbook Project, an “open source social experiment” founded by maverick filmmaker and tech iconoclast Lance Weiler that sews together the communal knowledge of 21st century artists and

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A Monomythic Mausoleum, or Joseph Campbell Soup

WIRED Magazine‘s Scott Brown pulls the drool-logged plug on the doddering old narrative structures of old, and from their ashes raises an alternative storytelling model for the 21st century and beyond – Brown’s Ziggurat. Follow the link to compare the classic Heroic journey of supercop

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Bike Hero, You’re Still My Hero

So apparently there was some controversy and feelings of betrayal swirling around this ridiculously amazing video, when it was discovered that it was actually created by a rich and powerful (and, one assumes, soulless) ad agency, and not in fact by a group of suburban

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Pumpkin Is My Favorite Organic Material

Of all the Autumnal perks, I am going to boldly declare that my favorite part of Fall is the proliferation of pumpkins and pumpkin-derived goods. For one thing, pumpkins look freaking awesome. Even before you slice a visage into their hide, the unmolested pumpkin is

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A-Ha Ha Ha

I always think it’s pretty lame when a music video is just a really literal interpretation of a song’s lyrics. Yet somehow when the song itself becomes a super-literal description of what’s happening in the video, it turns out to be divine:

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Finally, 3-D Web Video

If you don’t still own a pair of cardboard 3-D glasses, then go pick up a pair before we proceed. All set? Okey-doke. The disgustingly talented people over at Encyclopedia Pictura have made an epic video for the Bjork song Wanderlust, and you can watch