Content Creators Unite at The Workbook Project


While the web has no shortage of artistic forums, few of them offer the elegant cohesion of The Workbook Project, an “open source social experiment” founded by maverick filmmaker and tech iconoclast Lance Weiler that sews together the communal knowledge of 21st century artists and craftsmen of all ilk into a rich and, well, enriching tapestry.

Their topic cagetories just make so much darn sense! “Hoard” is for new blogs, sites, services, projects and events of interest. “Culture Hacker” tackles examples of technology specifically shaping the storytelling side of things in everything from film to games to music. “Motive” tracks the trends impacting media behavior. “New Breed” focuses on everything DIY, and “Pollinate” looks at ways to build, engage and maintain an audience. Brilliant.

It is a work in progress, so some areas are more lop-sided than others, but seriously, this is one of the best resources I’ve found out there for navigating the choppy waters of emerging media, and not enough people know about it. Check it out.

Matt Lambert

Matt grew up in Takoma Park, MD, and attended a public French-immersion elementary school before going to a regular english-speaking middle school where he met Chris Baily and Juan Carlos Pineiro. He remembers sitting down with them at lunch one day in the early fall of 7th grade and thinking, "oh no... is this the nerd table?" Thank goodness it wasn't!

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