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HBO Greenlights RR Martin’s GAME OF THRONES, son!

Winter is coming, my friends. While speculation that HBO would be bringing “A Song of Ice and Fire” – George R.R. Martin’s epic (and as yet unfinished) fantasy series – to life has been circulating for well over a year now, the official greenlight has just been given to produce Season I, which will be entirely devoted to the the first book in the series, “A Game of Thrones.” Yes my nerdling brothers, HBO is planning to devote an entire season to each installment in the 7-novel arc, and the TV versions will be written by Martin himself, along with feature writers David Benioff (“The 25th Hour,” “Troy) and D.B. Weiss.

This is of course assuming that R.R. deigns to ever actually complete the effin’ series. More after the jump.

As many of you may already be frustratingly aware, Mr. Martin’s release schedule can best be described as “drunken mollusk-like” in its rapidity. “Game of Thrones” was released in 1996, and we’re still waiting for book five of seven to hit the shelves. Not that R.R. doesn’t have plenty of really just ace excuses, as we can see in this recent post from his blog, sent to me by fellow bastard noble Jon Pappas. Oh, TIVOing “Entourage,” are we Mr. Martin?

As Pappas put it so well: Get the f**k back to work, George.

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