[Review] TRITTON PRO+ True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset

Please note that I’ve only tested this on my PlayStation 3.

Not only do competitive gamers rely on their controllers, but some also rely on headsets. Especially in fighting game tournaments, you will see a good chunk of the competitors wearing headsets. Not only do quality headsets allow you to hear everything, they also help to dissipate outside noise. This helps players concentrate more, even competing in front of 500+ of their peers. Mad Catz has released a new addition to their TRITTON brand of gaming headsets: TRITTON PRO+ True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset.

A few months ago, I purchased a TRITTON AX 180 headset, and I loved it. So, when the PRO+ was announced, I was psyched, especially considering it’s at least 3 tiers above the 180. The TRITTON PRO+ is the upgraded version of the award winning TRITTON AX Pro, and is compatible with both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Gaming headsets have become the fastest growing 3rd party accessory for the 360. TRITTON has a rich history, creating gaming headsets for the 360 since its start. TRITTON also offers a complete line of headsets for the 360 and PS3, whereas other manufactures trying to enter this category only offer a limited range.

Not only are they designed to be aesthetically pleasing, TRITTON headsets are also engineered from the ground up to ensure optimum audio quality for gaming. The improved design of the PRO+ is more flexible, improving comfort and durability while keeping the classic ‘exoskeleton’ TRITTON look.

Like its predecessors, the PRO+ is designed as an ’over ear’ (or ‘around ear’) headset, as opposed to ‘on ear,’ allowing the user’s ears to rest completely inside the earcups. Over ear headsets, and headphones for that matter, offer better sound isolation and improved acoustics. I have a pair of Bose AE2 headphones which are also over ear, and the sound quality is awesome. Thank you, Tanya.

The PRO+ is the only True 5.1 Surround Sound headset for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Delivering true Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound via eight separate Neodymium speakers (four in each earcup), the PRO+ produces superior surround sound separation and improved bass response thanks to newly repositioned speaker placement inside the earcups. These 8 speakers allow the PRO+ to produce directional discreet surround sound without emulation.

TRITTON headsets were the first to provide SVM (Selectable Voice Monitoring), which allows you to select the ability to hear your mic feedback through the speakers of the headset. By hearing their own voice, a player knows how loud they’re talking on Xbox Live. Some people like hearing their own voice, others don’t, but by having it selectable, everyone can choose.

TRITTON headsets also come with the Digital Audio Adapter, which is needed to connect the headset to the optical port on older Xbox 360s, also called Legacy consoles, when using HDMI for video.

Everything you need comes in the box: the Headset itself; the detachable microphone; the decoder box and its power cable; an optical cable; an USB cable; the aforementioned Digital Audio Adapter, and; a 360 headset adapter for a controller.

Set up on the PS3 surprisingly simple. Everything gets plugged into the decoder box. You plug in the power cable from any outlet, plug in the USB and optical cable from your PS3, and plug in the headset. You’ll need to change your “Sound” settings once you turn on your system, but that’s it. Due to the fact that I’m unable to verbally communicate, I have no use for the mic, which plugs into the hole on the corner of the left earcup.

The color scheme of the PRO+ is largely white with some black with TRITTON’s “T” logo in orange on the decoder box and both of the earcups. The white is in a gloss finish, making it rather eye-catching. When the headset is on, the “T” on the earcups light up. You can turn the headset on and off via the large round power button on the front of the box. Much like PlayStation consoles, to turn it off, you hold the power button.

The PRO+ comes with an in-line remote on the headset’s cable. This remote has almost all the same functions as the decoder box, with a few exceptions. Only the decoder box has a power button, whereas the remote is what lets you turn off the mic, adjust SVM volume and plug into a 360 controller. However, the differences end there. Both the the remote and the decoder box let you adjust the volume in the headset, and use what audio channels you want to hear — front, center, rear and sub. Pressing any other these buttons twice will enable them all.

What I really like about the remote is when you adjust the volume, the lights in the channel buttons change color. When they’re green, the volume is very low; dark blue, not as low; white, mid-range; light blue, loud, and; red, very loud. I find this very helpful, because at times, everyone forgets how loud their volume is. The different colors help to remind you.

As I expected, or at least hoped, given my past experiences with over ear headsets and headphones, the sound quality of the PRO+ is phenomenal and crystal clear. That is, as long as you select the correct audio channels, because otherwise there is some muffling, but this is a non-issue as I keep all the audio channels selected at all times. That said, I primarily only wear my TRITTONs when I don’t want to be disturbed, because the sound quality and isolation are so great. …And when I practice.

With the PRO+, I can easily discern where something is coming from. The level of immersion I feel when using the PRO+, while definitely short of live or virtual reality, is great, and at times almost overwhelming. I love it.

I really only have 2 things I don’t care for about the PRO+. The first is the fact that the headset is a little tight on my head. By tight, I mean it squeezes my head a little, but hopefully that will change over time. The other thing I don’t care for is when you start a game or something similar, the headset buzzes slightly. While this is easily looked past, it is still a little annoying.

Would I recommend the TRITTON PRO+ True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset? You bet your sweet bippy I would — for audiophiles, movie enthusiasts and gamers alike. If you want quality sound from a headset, the PRO+ is a prime choice. With a MSRP of $199.99 USD, the PRO+ might seem expensive, but considering my Bose AE2s cost me $149.95 USD, and they aren’t even high-end, it is a reasonable price. You can purchase the TRITTON PRO+ True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset on the official Tritton Audio site.

Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. is a global provider of innovative interactive entertainment products marketed primarily under its Mad Catz, Cyborg, Tritton, Saitek, and Eclipse brands. Mad Catz also operates a video game content website under its GameShark brand, and distributes games and video game products for third parties. Mad Catz distributes its products through most leading retailers offering interactive entertainment products and has offices in North America, Europe and Asia. They graciously sent me a TRITTON PRO+ True 5.1 Surround Sound Headset for review, and I would like to sincerely thank them for doing so.

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