Top Ten Films About the Presidency

10. Dave

An impression goes all the way to the White House.

9. State of the Union

As candidate Grant Matthews, Spencer Tracy delivers a powerful line that is later paraphrased by future President Ronald Reagan during the 1980 election.

8. The Manchurian Candidate

The ’63 version stars Frank Sinatra as a brainwashed intelligence officer, the ’04 version stars Denzel Washington in the same role and both are worth a watch.

7. Ides of March

Good movie about politics at its worst.

6. Fail Safe

Cold War era thriller about a President stuck between a rock and a hard place and flying nuclear bombs.

5. JFK.

Nuanced conspiracy theory on the assasination of the 35th President.

4. Primary Colors

A Clinton-esque candidate doing all sorts of Clinton-esque things.

3. W.

A tale of son v father from the ‘Merica of recent history.


2. The Contender.

This film from 2000 is a pre-cursor to our present 24 hour news culture, which was just coming into its own at the time. In this case the spin is spun upon the alleged past of a Vice-Presidential nominee.

1. All the President’s Men

Street smart Dustin Hoffman and handsome Robert Redford play Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward chasing the Watergate story. It’s full of phonebooks, rotary phones, and typewriters. Wait, what are those?

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5 Responses

  1. Taylor says:

    whaaaaaat no american president??

  2. Christopher Gorman says:

    It crossed my mind, but didn’t make the cut….

  3. Morgan says:

    I’m really glad Dave made the cut.

  4. Jiun Kwon says:

    I like your #1 and #2, but seriously… NO AMERICAN PRESIDENT???

  5. Christopher Gorman says:

    So American President was on a few weeks back. I watched it again and I still don’t see what the big deal was. It was possibly interchangeable on the list with Dave, but Dave had a more inventive storyline, I thought.

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