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Arts and Athletics

Athletics have been the subject of movies, songs, books, sculpture and paintings. Over the course of history, athletics have bloomed into a booming industry and are televised and analyzed 24 hours a day, creating rabid fan bases in cities around the world. When combined what

Top Ten Films About the Presidency

10. Dave An impression goes all the way to the White House. 9. State of the Union As candidate Grant Matthews, Spencer Tracy delivers a powerful line that is later paraphrased by future President Ronald Reagan during the 1980 election. 8. The Manchurian Candidate The

This Week in Art News and Internet Eye Candy

Included in this installment: Obama fights conspiracy theory with humor, a photographer captures how NYC subway cars became plankton penthouses and an artist solicits voice mail messages to inspire works of art. Consider this post a short ride through the art world and internet. I’m

Top Ten Art Films

While there are a lot of well known documentaries about artists and art movements, I thought I’d focus on films for this top ten list. The lives of artists are often a mixture of the inspiring and the tragic. I suppose that is why a

Top Ten NYC Public Art Installations

New York City is one of the best places in the world for all kinds of art. As I’ve found in my travels around the city, you don’t need to be inside a museum or gallery to find great and interesting works. Where can Picasso,

This Week in Art & Internet Eye Candy

This is the week in random internet eye candy and art news. Should the universe cooperate, I plan to post on this subject on a frequent basis and add to Popten what the internet provides in the visually interesting from art world and away from

Top Ten Samples in Rap Music

Sampling is essential to rap music. I’ve always liked the idea of DJs and producers pouring over crates of records. I imagine that our current generation of rappers are as informed by YouTube searches as they are by what’s available at record stores. The following