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Monthly Archives: February 2010

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Character Approved Awards 2010

jcpe: Last Thursday, in the middle of our second blizzard this year, Hawkes and I went to the Character Approved Awards down around the art galleries in Chelsea. me: First, I love USA (the station not the country, well I guess they’re both good). We

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Friday Round Up!

It’s snowing yet again! I’m aware that the weather varies from year to year, but sheesh what a hard winter. Someone told me that the Chinese Almanac said we were going to get round-house kicked by snow this winter, seems to be on the mark.

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Heroes of Gaia

Heroes of Gaia is a Flash-based game set in the world of Gaia a land rich in resources, monsters and magical equipment. You start by choosing a look for your hero and then quickly proceed to your town hall. The objective of the game is

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Shutter Island

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that Martin Scorsese is the reason I worship at the altar of Cinema. I find his manic love for film completely adorable and believe his finest works are timeless and uncompromising testaments to the integrity of

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Girls Are Smarter Than Boys!

Well. Duh. But now it’s official! The contest was staged on a global stage, in nine languages, lasted for five months and saw some 15,121,731 questions asked and answered – although not all of them correctly. The balance of power shifted repeatedly between the sexes,

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Top Ten “Shit My Dad Says” Tweets

I do not “do” the Twitter. I don’t lead, or follow, or Twit, or Twat in 140 characters or less. In fact, I generally think of the service as nothing more than yet ANOTHER venue (first came “pop culture” blogging) for jobless vainglorious idiots to

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The Future of Information

Matt Ellsworth and I met while making Second Skin, a documentary I directed on virtual worlds. He’s one of the boys from Indiana who loves to game. Our conversations over the years have led to a few things, one of them was finding a common

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2.22.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. MUSICAL A Little Night Music The near three hours of this musical are pure delight and over too soon, filled with incredible wit and humor of the plight of humans in love. With stripped down orchestrations, Sondheim’s all-waltz score is still as sumptuous as

Top Commercial Songs (take two)

This past summer I wrote about the top commercial songs. I liked that I could use advertisements to find new bands. And while I am still discovering artists this way, I’ve found recent commercials to be using bands I already know and love. This post

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Friday Round-Up!

Happy Friday Dear Friends! There were only 4 days of perusing the internets for me this week (Seriously, I didn’t even open my laptop on Monday, which is so super out of character. Here’s the buzz from this week (Juan’s pressuring me to find ten