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The Beauty of Freeware: Google SketchUp

…or just the beauty and genius of Google. What hasn’t Google done yet? Oh yeah,… monopolize life!

So here we have another masterpiece from the Google enterprise; Google SketchUp. SketchUp allows you to model anything you want in 3-D (or 2-D if you like). This free program uses a simple system of ‘edges’ and ‘faces’ to provide easy use for creating models. And no, that wasn’t a typo; this program is free! Of course it is the non-Pro version which obviously excludes some of the features the 500 dollar Pro version includes, but nevertheless it’s really fuckin’ cool. So aside from ‘edges’ and ‘faces’ (the simplistic way SketchUp deals with the creation of objects), this sweet piece of programming ass offers the ability to add precise measurements, a tool that allows you to pull an object from two dimensions into three, see you model from various perspectives (like on foot!), and….

…well there are just too many features to really explain the magnitude of this program, so take a look at Google’s elaboration.

Oh! Wait! Before you do there is just one thing I’d really love to emphasize here. It appears that most of what Google shows this program being used for is creating structures (houses, office buildings, hospitals, etc.) in 3-D as well as being able to fill them with complete interiors doused with furnishings and textures. Also, there is a huge emphasis on being able to incorporate your very own structural designs into Google Earth (yet another amazing development). This is huge guys. If it hasn’t clicked yet, think of it this way: you can design your own house (the very one you live in) to the T, then shove it into Google Earth for others to explore. Still not wrapping your sweaty arms around the grandeur or this potential? Let’s just say that everybody in the world got there hands on this program, built their own house, complete with furnishings and whatnot, and then implemented their designs into the Google Earth system; not only would there probably be a system overload (malfunctionnnn*#&$*^%), but you could literally throw out the idea of a top down view on the world and walk through the world, one household at a time!!!! Yeah, I know. Awesome. Here’s the visual cue:

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