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Time Traveling Cheat Sheet (Best Poster of All Time)


I know this occupies your brainspace too.

I can’t count how many times this crosses my mind. If I were to travel back in time, how useful would I be in sharing the secrets of our modern civilization with the lords and lasses of yestermillenium? Would I be able to explain important concepts to rush along modernity, like Keynesian Economics, vaccines and the early works of Prince? Or would I just struggle for a few days, then throw up my hands and live like a king until the Black Plague came a’knocking?

Thank the brilliant folks at Topatoco for the best poster to grace our walls in forever. Now that I have the cheat sheet, I can blow the dust off that time machine I have in the basement and get back to tinkering. The poster/t-shirt is HERE.

[Thanks Ian Schafer, your Facebook updates are an inspiration to us all.]

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