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Star Wars: The Musical


I recently made the sad Manhattanite realization that I hate musicals. Living in New York City and hating musicals is as tragic as living in Puerto Rico and hating beaches, or living in Alabama and hating racism. But there isn’t much I can do about my tastes, and looking back I realized that I exit just about every musical I’ve seen here with my fists clenched and my head shaking. Something about dropping a Benjamin to see the same trite plot and tired characters just irks me. And the music… don’t get me started.

In her quest to find some common ground, my fiancee asked if there was any musical I’d like to see. And immediately I had two thoughts. Yes, I’d love to see Lord of the Rings the musical (coming to NYC at some point, I hope) and I’d love to see Star Wars the musical. Geek musicals FTW. (Hell, I’d endure Star Wars: The Ballet, though Billy Dee would probably have to play Lando before I bought a ticket.)

Which brought me to an overwhelming question I have about once a month, right before going to bed. Why hasn’t marketing whore SeƱor Lucas brought his seismic hexalogy to the stage? And has someone in our internets dreamed it up and tossed it on YouTube?

The answer to both is a space operatic yes. Lucas is working on a musical (though it sounds emphatically un-fun) and someone did create a musical that’s as magnanimously kitschy as I hoped and dreamed. Check out the majesty HERE. (Or by clicking on the pic.)

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