Ten Albums You (probably) Haven’t Listened to, but Should!

Music is definitely one of those things in life that should be shared (and free). I love music; it keeps me alive at times and is always there when I need it. Here is my contribution to those that need a little musical love in their lives: My Ten Albums You (probably) Haven’t Listened to, but Should!

1. Tales and Dreams (2006) by Kwoon

kwoon-tales-and-dreams This post-rock album is absolutely spectacular and if this list were to be ranked, it would easily be numero uno! Although the style and new genre may not be for everyone, I strongly believe this album will evoke strong emotions from any that are within audible range. The words are few and far between, not to mention hard to hear, but the lyrical content is also beautiful and ingenious. Please set aside 43 minutes of your day, grab your favorite herbal supplement and/or just experience this album on the rocks.

Favorite song: “I Lived On The Moon

2. Ceilings (2008) by Alive in Wild Paint

alive-in-wild-paint-ceilingsAll of these albums are very amazing in my opinion so I’ll end here with the repetition, but this indie rock album in particular is a hit. I doubt many people have heard of Alive in Wild Paint and at first glance many are confused. “Alive in Wild Paint?” Interesting, to say the least. These artists have a sound all their own which almost automatically classifies them as great; unique. Not only are they completely deaf defying with their whispering and ghostly sound, but their songs will be stuck in your head for days, if not longer (“Anxious Disease”). Let’s hope more albums are to come; thank you Alive in Wild Paint.

Favorite Song: “A Vespertine Haunting

3. Trainwreck (2005) by Boys Night Out

boys-night-out-trainwreckAside from Boys Night Out devising one of my top ten songs of all time, this punk album has a lot of other great-terrific material to offer. Besides every song title ending in ‘-ing’, each surprising song relates to the other to form one of my favorite concept albums to date. The songs range from extremely catchy, yet powerful orchestrations (“Relapsing”) to the abstract and guitar-gasmic masterpiece, “Dying”. If you find yourself itching for your punk fix, I would definitely check out Trainwreck by Boys Night Out. But, honestly, don’t try their other albums unless your into screamo because that’s exactly what those are. If you don’t have 53 minutes to hear this album, please just listen to “Dying”; it is masterfully put together and deserves a hell of a lot more recognition.

Favorite Song: “DYING

4. Relativity (2008) by Emarosa

emarosa-relativityExperimental rock is really cool, so here’s Emarosa’s relativity to prove that. This band has put together a great album with fast drums, intricate guitar melodies, and powerfully vocalized feelings mashed all together to provide a very strong and emotional rollercoaster. Go into this album completely open and you will leave completely fluttered with your heart pounding and your mind yearning. I truly enjoy Emarosa’s heart pounding rhythmic journeys!

Favorite Song: “Her Advice Cost Us a Life

5. Ameliorate-EP (2008) by An Endless Sporadic


Without lyrics, these four progressive songs are purely instrumental with a really ‘sporadic’ rhythm. AES is far from ordinary and uses it’s impulsive guitar technique to strap you in while continuously drawing your attention to the varying depths of each song. This EP definitely deserves a place on this list with 4 amazing guitar heavy songs and hopefully many more to come.

Favorite Song: “Impulse

6. “V” is for Vagina (2007) by Puscifer

puscifer-v-is-for-vaginaMaynard, formerly from Tool and A Perfect Circle, decided to venture into his own realm of psychotic musical bliss and created Puscifer. A weird combination of Lucifer and pussy; I presume. Although this Trip-Hop album is rather different than Maynard’s usual psychedelic and melodic work, it still lives up to expectations of such a rock legend. This album still has quite the psychedelic twist, but also incorporates various other flavors (hip-hop, Spanish, etc.)

Favorite Song: “The Undertaker (Spanish Fly Mix)

7. Destination: B-Sides (2004) by Mae

mae-destinationb-sidesI imagine myself walking down the beach with seagulls swooping by as waves crash and the sun sets. I imagine myself listening to Mae’s indie rock album of remixed hits. Mae has this soft effervescence about them that catapults you into the sky and lets you fly. Their use of piano and long chords really draws you into the atmosphere Mae creates. This entire album consists of hits done over to be even more appealing than the originals. With their classical composition and carefree style I would strongly recommend any and all of their albums, this one in particular.

Favorite Song: “Futuro (Live)

8. Strata Presents The End of the World (2007) by Strata

strata-strata-presents-the-end-of-the-worldAhhh Strata! This short-lived alternative/progressive band has it all. Their style changes from song to song and significantly from the first album to the second. Strata Presents The End of the World is significantly softer than their first, self-titled, album (also really great!). It’s hard to really describe what this band provides. Some songs are political, others tell of fictionally moralistic stories, and of course, their are the touching love songs (or lack thereof). Either way, when all these songs are meshed into one great album, you get a collection of technically proficient instrumentals with catchy, yet intriguing lyrical content. Strata is also one of the few bands that is able to successfully repeat a short string of words so many times that it doesn’t get sickening (“Daylight in the City“); rather it gets trapped in your head and the only way out is via the oral passageway. I would definitely recommend both Strata albums, the first one being self-titled; just beware the “Strata” album is much more aggressive.

Favorite Songs: “Coma Therapy/Daylight in the City

9. Genetic World (2001) by Télépopmusik

telepopmusik-genetic-worldTélé-pop what? I’m not sure either, but this French trio is le crottin. Their soothing tracks will put to a peaceful sleep or send you through a euphoric excursion. Most people know the track “Breathe“, but still aren’t aware of the spectrum that Télépopmusik covers. Although most of the tracks have an ambience to them, some include rap verses and more upbeat rhythms that maintain their serenity. Overall this album is a great series of songs to listen at any time, especially during a beautiful sunrise or amidst a field of sunflowers and butterflies. In any situation Genetic World will most certainly bring peace and relaxation to the minds of those that experience it’s realm.

Favorite Songs: “Love Can Damage Your Health/Breathe/L’Incertitude D’Heisenberg (dp.dq=h/4pi)

10. Cexcells (2007) by Blaqk Audio


Former AFI members, Jade Puget & Davey Havok, re-grouped to start this electro-rock-pop group which combines all the greatness of AFI with a futuristic, techno flavor. Most of the songs will consume you with powerfully transient beats, the vocal strength of AFI, and a catchy rhythm sure replaying scenes from A Night at the Roxbury! Imagine the best possible disco transformed by the punk scene with a flare of trance; now you’ve got Blaqk Audio.

Favorite Song: “On a Friday

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4 Responses

  1. victor says:

    I can vouch for Ceilings as one of my surprise favorite albums of 2008. It’s the red wine of angst-music. I highly suggest checking it out- on good speakers, this guys voice will floor you.

  2. victor says:

    I can vouch for Ceilings as one of my surprise favorite albums of 2008. It’s the red wine of angst-music. I highly suggest checking it out- on good speakers, this guys voice will floor you.

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