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Daily Archives: February 3, 2009

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The Devastating Sentences of Gary Lutz

Gary Lutz is not a well-known fiction writer, and barring some massive, unprecedented shift in consumer taste, will never be famous. He doesn’t seem to be reclusive – there are a few interviews available online – but the number of publications or websites interested in

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WiseStamp will make your E-life better.

Do you ever sit there and say… “I’m just not connected enough”. Sure I have facebook, flickr, linkedin,, twitter, but does it really matter? How do I know that people are going to friend me on all these profiles I took hours to create?

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Vomitous Valentines

Because the world needs disgusting displays of love. If anyone wants to compile these and do a Top Ten Valentines Cards, we at PopTen would love you and shower you with love vomit. Here’s the link to more of these amazing valentines.

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Celebrity Freakout: Barbra/Bale – The Remix

Combine the incredible verbal outbreak from Barbra Streisand at the Madison Square Garden concert (that I was lucky enough to actually be in the audience for) with the more recent Christan Bale on-set meltdown, you wind up with one very catchy club track filled with

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Slumdog Terrier

Last week in Jharkand, India, villagers married off a young girl to a stray dog, in the hopes of warding off an evil spirit. In other words, we should all drop what we’re doing and move to India, where things actually make sense. Here in

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You’re still my hero, Michael Phelps

Well, well, well. Look who got caught puffin’ the magic dragon..smokin’ the hippy hooka…partaking in the steppenwolf. That’s right folks, the human fish himself, Michael Phelps got ousted in a photo of him taking a hit from a bong. I know, for most of us