Top 10 T-Shirt Sites of 2008

10. Heavy Tees

They’ve got a few really nice designs overall. The competition was stiff, and these guys definitely made the cut.

9. Think Geek

This is by far not the best shirts they have, but are indicative of the kinda things they tend to create. I always find myself chuckling, and remembering how damned nerdy I am sometimes.

8. Busted Tees

This company rides pretty close to the cheesy web-shirt side of things except that the shirts actually make me smile.


If this was the only shirt they sold it would be #1 in my book. Unfortunately this shirt company falls into the cheesy web-shirt category a few too many times. But there are gems like these so keep a look out for the must haves here.

6. Sharp Shirter

I found this shirt at McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg… obviously. They don’t have too much selection, but everything they sell I do seem to like a lot.

5. Nerdy Shirts

I think this shirt says it all. Innovative design meets NES. Lots of good ones to choose from here.

4. South Side Sanctuary

I’m pretty sure this is a Christian t-shirt company, but what can I say… They make awesome shirts. I actually came across this shirt in Austin, TX which is home base for them I believe. Anyways, definitely worth checking out. They are good quality shirts.

3. Shirt Woot!

I love Woot! Everything about this site is genius. $10 shirts. Great deals everyday. What is not to like? Especially when the stock of shirts that come through are this high quality each and everyday.

2. Uneetee

This is a community based site that has a lot of innovative people making designs for it. It seems like the way to go these days is with community t-shirt creation.

1. Threadless

You can’t beat Threadless. This is also a site that has a lot of user generated content. They’ve got by far the most interesting designs I’ve ever seen on the interwebz, and if you’re interested in getting some crit on your shirt ideas they have that too. It’s like going to t-shirt making school, and then pawning of all your school projects.

And finally – since we’re talking Tshirts sit back, relax, and re-watch the Guinness Book of Records for most t-shirts worn at the same time

Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza

Juan Carlos directed two acclaimed films: "Know How" a musical written and acted by youth in foster care, and "Second Skin" a documentary on virtual worlds. He is Director of Social Action Impact & Public Affairs at Participant Media, and the Founder of White Roof Project, a nonprofit organization curbing climate change. @jcpe

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  1. Rizzo says:

    I am fighting the war for 2009. lol check out my site if you like: .

    Peace to all,

  2. Rizzo says:

    I am fighting the war for 2009. lol check out my site if you like: .

    Peace to all,

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