Seven Pounds, and how marketing can make you money, but also ruin your product. Ahem (No Spoiler).

I was hype. Ecstatic. I mean, totally boosted to see the new Will Smith, Rosario Dawson movie, Seven Pounds. I watched Will on every talk show discussing how he couldn’t say ANYTHING about the movie, because one small slip, and the movie was spoiled. I watched Rosario discuss how when she read the script there was an incredible revelatory moment at the end which totally floored her. I droningly gazed at the trailers and the commercials trying to figure out anything about the movie, but to no avail. AND THAT’S WHAT MADE ME BUY A TICKET AT MIDNIGHT THURSDAY NIGHT, to be one of the first to catch this apparent, insta-classic.

(Sigh). Well, one thing is true: if I say anything about it, it pretty much does spoil the whole thing. But…somehow…it was still awfully predictable. And it was…cool. I think it’s just one of those times where the media, and the illusive hype kinda builds up the expectation of an unattainable masterpiece. Hmph.

Will, good job bro.

Rosario, you killed.

Unfortunately, I think all the mystery in the media…mediocre’d you.

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