Top Ten Most Evil Dictators of All Time (in order of kill count)

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Some people make horrible decisions, others are just bad presidents, a few are bloodthirsty, many are extremists, a couple are warmongers, and all of these guys are a mix. Ten of our political leaders in the last 130 years have been the architects of the most horrific genocides, systematic murders, blockades, brutal wars, and policy reforms history has ever recorded.

Where to begin? Maybe an icebreaker for you next dinner party? Did you know the word “genocide” was coined in 1943 to describe when the Armenians were slaughtered haphazardly by Turkish leader Ismail Enver? Until then there was no specific word for it in our language. It makes me think about how much more cognizant we’ve become in this last century to these events. So, a quick toast between you and I to a more peaceable future where less of what follows below is allowed to happen. Sit back, but don’t relax.

10. Yakubu Gowon (1.1 million deaths)

Breakdown: 1 million civilians on the wrong side of a blockade caused by a war of secession in Nigeria and 100,000 soldiers who died in that war.

It starts as many sad stories do with precious beautiful oil. It had been found in the Niger delta where tensions were already high between the Eastern region (led by Ojukwu) and the rest of the country (governed by Yakubu). A dummy agreement was signed between them called the “Aburi Accord”, but it meant nothing to either leader. Yakubu started to put pressure on the region, and tested how much sway he had in the area versus Ojukwu. Well Ojukwu being no slouch declared secession from the rest of Nigeria and became the “Republic of Biafra”. This began a war that caused the deaths of 100,000 soldiers, and much worse, a blockade on the region which starved 1 million civilians.

9. Mengistu Haile Mariam (400,000 – 1.5 million deaths)

Breakdown: As president of Ethiopia and colonel of “the Derg” (communist militia) Mengitsu systematically killed those against him in the “Red Terror” campaign.

Mengistu Haile Mariam is (as in still alive) a politician who presided over Ethiopia from 1974 to 1991. The way he got into power was by smothering the previous president Haile Selassie although he has denied those rumors. His biggest claim to fame is the Ethiopian Red Terror which was a campaign of repression led by the Derg (communist militia in Ethiopia).

In his introductory speech Mengitsu yelled, “Death to counterrevolutionaries! Death to the EPRP!” Then he took three bottles filled with blood and threw them to the ground.

It was an auspicious beginning to say the least. Thousands were killed and found dead on the streets in the years that followed. Much of the murdering can be attributed to the friendly neighborhood watch there known as “Kebeles”. As if killing innocents wasn’t enough they would then charge the family a tax to return the dead body to them. The tax was aptly named “the wasted bullet”! Are you serious Mengitsu? However there was an even more gruesome fate of being left on the street where wild hyenas would fight over the dead. The campaign has been described as one of the worst mass murders ever in Africa. Mengitsu is even known to have garroted people to death.

8. Kim Il Sung (1.6 million deaths)

Breakdown: Unpopular among his people Kim used the U.S. as a scapegoat and forced the country to believe in his delusion or else.

Before our very own Kim Jong-Il was his murderous father Kim Il Sung who led North Korea in a terrible direction. He fought for a command economy that allowed the government to make all decisions for the country. For various reasons the people never seemed to love the man, and so his hold on power was tenuous at best. Like most crazies he blamed somebody else, in this case the USA, and said they had spread disease throughout its population. He also pulled a Stalin, and had large-scale purges. His underlying reason was that it would scare people into believing he was telling the truth. Kim’s purge was a little different than Stalin’s though in that there were no trials. During his tenure prison camps sprung up all over the country to contain the ever growing masses of people against Kim Il Sung.

7. Pol Pot (1.7 million deaths)

Breakdown: Forced city folk to relocate to farms and forced them into hard labor.

Pol Pot was the leader of the communist movement in Cambodia. He attempted to “cleanse” the country and it resulted in the death of an estimated 1.7 to 2.5 million people. There was an interesting policy going around called agrarian collectivization which he put into practice in the late 1970’s. Basically it forced city folk to head out to the farms to do some labor and vice versa for farmers. As you might guess, and hindsight is 20/20, neither group was very good at their new jobs. Pol didn’t stop at enslaving his own people though. He also didn’t feed them well, gave them little medical care, and executed many of them. The net result was killing off approximately 1/5 of the Cambodian population!

6. Ismail Enver Pasha (2.5 million deaths)

Breakdown: 1,200,000 Armenians (1915) + 350,000 Greek Pontians and 480,000 Anatolian Greeks (1916-22) + 500,000 Assyrians (1915-20)

He began his career as a Turkish military officer and leader in the Young Turk revolution. Eventually he rose to power and led the Ottoman Empire in both Balkan Wars and World War I. As a war minister Enver was not very useful, and was defeated over and over. His crushing loss at the Battle of Sarikamish needed a scapegoat, and that’s when he decided to blame Armenians for the failure. That is what began what is now known as the Armenian Genocide. The word “genocide” was coined to describe this event.

Etymology from Wikipedia:
Coined in 1943 by Raphael Lemkin (1900–1959), a PolishJewish legal scholar, to describe what the Turkish government (ca 1915–18) perpetrated against the Armenian people, now called the Armenian Genocide. From the stem of Ancient Greek (génos), “race, kind” or Latin “tribe, clan” (-cide).

5. Hideki Tojo (5 million deaths)

Breakdown: Waged unprovoked wars against China, USA, Netherlands, and France.

Hideki Tojo was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army. He assumed the position of Prime Minister and held Army Minister concurrently. As if that wasn’t enough he also held other major positions like Home Minister, Foreign Minister, Education Minister, and Commerce Minister. His major contributions to education were teaching militaristic and nationalist indoctrination. His version of homeland security was approving eugenics measures which essentially made a distinction between pure blood and mixed blood Japanese families.

During World War II Tojo started winning battles and the public loved him for it. He really bought into the Nazi Kool-aid, and held steadfastly with Germany. When the tide turned, and he began losing, it was devastating. Eventually he went into seclusion. He was tried for war crimes and found guilty of waging wars of aggression, wars in violation of international law, and waging unprovoked war against many countries. Not to mention ordering, authorizing, and permitting inhumane treatment of Prisoners of War.

4. Leopold II of Belgium (2-15 million deaths)

Breakdown: Created a colony called the “Congo Free State”, enslaved its people, and forced them into labor plants.

Leopold II was the King of the Belgians, and believed in colonialism. He thought acquiring colonies overseas was essential to a great country and was always scheming. The problem was Belgium really didn’t care, and so Leopold went into business for himself. He started a company that seemed like it was doing good called the International African Society. A year later he used that company to travel to Congo, laid claim to a plot of land 14 times the size of Belgium, and made 14 countries agree (USA included) that he was free to rule it with his own private militia. He then forced the indigenous populations into forced labor, created a bustling rubber industry, and abused his workers grievously.

Missionary John Harris on returning from Congo said:
“I have just returned from a journey inland to the village of Insongo Mboyo. The abject misery and utter abandon is positively indescribable.”

Estimates of the death toll range from two to fifteen million which could all have been avoided if 14 countries didn’t hand him the keys to the car!

3. Adolf Hitler (17 million deaths)

Breakdown: Concentration camps and civilians in WWII.

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party. He was the absolute dictator of Germany from 1934 to 1945. He gained support by promoting values like German nationalism and anti-semitism. Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933 and began the Third Reich. Hitler was power hungry as all hell, hated the shit out of Jews (and others), and wanted hegemony in Europe. The militarization that was needed to complete such a lofty goal led to the outbreak of World War II. Nazi forces engaged in the systematic murder of as many as 17 million civilians, an estimated six million of whom were Jews, and 1.5 million Romanis.

2. Jozef Stalin (23 million deaths)

Breakdown: The great purges and Ukraine’s famine.

Jozef Stalin was the first Secretary of the Communist Party from 1922 – 1953. After Lenin’s death in 1924, he became the leader of the Soviet Union. Stalin didn’t take long in launching a new economy that screwed up food production across the country so bad it caused massive famine. Between 1922-23 it reached such catastrophic proportions everything went to shit. In Ukraine this dark period is known as Holodomor. Its widely believed that Soviet policies caused the famine there and was designed as an attack on Ukrainian nationalism. Estimates on the total number of casualties within Soviet Ukraine range from 2.6 million to 10 million! During the late 1930s Stalin launched another wonderfully titled initiative called the Great Purge (also known as the “Great Terror”). It was a paranoid campaign to kill off the people who opposed him, and his targets were often executed.

In 1939 Stalin agreed to a non-aggression pact with the Nazis. Eventually Germany violated the pact, the Soviet Union joined the allies, and they racked up 23.9 million deaths (the largest death toll in the war).

1. Mao Zedong (49-78 million deaths)

Breakdown: Policy reforms like the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

Mao Zedong was a Chinese revolutionary, political theorist, and communist leader who led the People’s Republic of China. Mao, while controversial, is still widely considered a savior of the nation. I did a semester abroad in China in 2001 after falling in love with its history, and was surprised in my conversations that many people thought Mao had done 70% – 80% good things. During his first five years from 1949 – 53 he is said to have systematically killed between 4 to 6 million people by sentencing them to die or by sending them to “reform through labor” camps. He organized mass repressions, established execution quotas, and defended his actions in these early years as necessary for securing power for “The People’s Republic of China”.

His social programs the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution are two of the most ill-fated, poorly named, initiatives ever. The first was an effort to rapidly industrialize China. His focus was on making China a premier exporter of steel, and to this end he asked everybody to make it. The problem was it got many citizens to make smelting shops in their backyards. Not only was the steel of little value, but it was made from everything lying around the house including their own cooking supplies! Without the tools to make food, no money coming in from the steel, and no money to survive ~ a lot of people starved to death. The estimates on this program alone are 20 million deaths! Think about that number. Really think about it. Then ask yourself… why would you EVER let someone back into power after such an insanely bad decision.Well, they took the reigns away from him for a short time.

In the interim Mao started the socialist education movement. He aimed the concept at young ones who would eventually wrest the power away from the older guard. By 1964 this movement was renamed the “four cleanups movement” whose goal was cleansing politics, economics, ideas, and organization of “reactionaries”. This led to the formation of the “Red Guards” who were organized to punish intellectuals and take out Mao’s political adversaries. The Cultural Revolution was now underway, and its overriding mission was to abolish: Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas. Something Mao fervently believed in was that destruction and chaos could bring re-birth. So he told his followers to destroy buildings, sacred objects, talk back to ones elders, punish them, turn them in, and kill those who did not agree. By 1968 things were starting to look pretty good for Mao all over again, and so he put into place the decade long “Down to the Countryside Movement” which forced young intellectuals to move out to the country to become farmers. Sadly, the people he pushed out there were the same Red Guards who had helped him get power. Estimates of the death toll are between 40,000 – 7 million depending on who you ask.

Finally, there is the 100 flowers movement which just needs an abbreviated mention here. Mao asked people to come forth and tell him how he should govern China. Intellectuals and liberals bit at the chance to tell him what they really thought, and were encouraged by the Communist party to do so. Then in a sudden change of heart, or an incredibly crafty mission to out his haters, the government persecuted 500,000 of them who were considered to be “dangerous thinkers”.

Mao is essentially like that girlfriend/boyfriend who keeps on taking a shit on you, but is so damn charming you hardly notice. His policies and political purges from 1949 to 1976 caused the deaths of 49 to 78 million people.

The moral of the story is ~

Let’s stop allowing evil political dictators to take office. And if we do have someone bad in office we can find better ways to get them out than murdering them, wars, and aggressive confrontations.

The updated version of this post can be found here.

Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza

Juan Carlos directed two acclaimed films: "Know How" a musical written and acted by youth in foster care, and "Second Skin" a documentary on virtual worlds. He is Director of Social Action Impact & Public Affairs at Participant Media, and the Founder of White Roof Project, a nonprofit organization curbing climate change. @jcpe

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  1. Jenny says:

    Wow Juan! Not only was this awesome (awe inspiring) but also killer (superior AND deadly).

    Who knew Stalin killed more than Hitler! I watched Everything is Illuminated, whole towns disappeared but I didn’t know it was that many people! To put it in perspective, New York State has a pop. of 19.5mil people, Texas has 24.7mil, and California has 34.9mil (thank you wikipedia). Stalin eliminated Texas and Mao took out more than NY and CA combined. WOW!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for not including graphic photos.

  2. Peter Brauer says:

    What about the two million Vietnamese killed by the USA? Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon should be considered a triple threat. Just because some one is elected some where, shouldn’t let them kill on sovereign soil.

  3. Funny says:

    Why did you leave out Bus? the list is incomplete without him.

  4. Jamie says:

    holy shit mao killed 49 to 79 million people!

  5. shae13579 says:

    i dont understand how people can do be so evil. they have no empathy but for themselves! and what about our world leaders today huh? they've become smarter now, they're killing people and we don't even know it! when you think about its because of these world leaders that there are famines and all that crap…they don't wanna fix…they love power and chaos…evil is as evil does…

  6. Korshattghenee says:

    your right nixon also tried to make peace number one tyrant mao

  7. Erick kamau says:

    What about innocent youths killed in kenya by Kibaki leadership In the name of MUNGIKI

  8. RAJA says:

    what about USA killing many million ppl in vietnam, libya, sodan, iraq, afghanistan, pakistan. list goes on n on.

  9. jymkrfah says:

    What about the 11th dictator, Barak Hussein obama, muslim, infiltrator, usurper of the american people? He should be on this list!

  10. Dimitrios T. says:


  11. bullitproof says:

    @peter brauer it says top ten most evil DICTATORS . kennedy and all the other american PRESIDENTs where not DICTATORS

  12. America the Great. says:

    Anybody who slanders america should remember all the good we have done. Did you count how many people America has freed from dictators/terrorists. How many countries. we have helped with medical care, food ,etc. If it were not for America hitler would have wiped out every country , religions,non white non blue eyed person on this planet. What about our technological and medical breakthroughs and education. This world would be in the dark ages without us. When countries are in trouble who do they count on? China, Iran, Pakistan , Egypt , Russia , I don’t think so. They count on us . So think about that next time you anti Americans slander us and our great free nation. Remember sad am Hussein .

  13. Allen says:

    @Dimitrios – Why don’t you go write that article. I admit it would have been a nice twist.. Top ten dictators of all time by kill count – Hitler, Stalin, Mao, ALL THE AMERICANS FORCES COMBINED FROM EVERY GENERATION!!! DUN DUN DUN. Oh hold on. Maybe because its called the top ten worst individual DICTATORS of all time? Moron.

  14. Jesus says:

    @Dimitrios T.

    Typing in all caps sure does get your fucking misleading point across.
    And I don’t think all of the casualties added up from every war America was involved in can compare to half of the death toll from the “Mao Zedong” era.

    lol, uneducated fucks.

  15. Captain America says:

    To @Dimitrios, Raja, Bauer,
    America is number one and you are all fascist swine

  16. vinkedoll says:

    fuck them all.dictators

  17. David says:

    jeez, put up a list of people and a number of people they killed and somehow someone got their feelings hurt and felt it was better to brag about america’s wars… great idea

  18. Darren says:

    You forgot to include Obama. He is no different than Adolf Hitler, as well, Obama is a Islamic Trojan Horse that is now creating wars and attempting to totally destroy the United States.

  19. Eh Oh Po says:

    I thought 3. Adolf Hitler was the worst

  20. James says:

    the details are not true for instatance menigistu was a general and haileselassie was not a president, he was a king still considered as God by rastafarian and there was no evidence that he actually died…

  21. Jackedup G.I. says:

    “When I was in Iraq, most of the population there loved Americans and the freedom that we represent and never want to be under a dictator again.
    While there, I made good friends with an Iraqi Captain, it turned out that he is probably one of the most intelligent people that I have ever had the privilege to meet. I remember a quote this man told me, I’ll forever remember this and pass it on for the rest of the years I’m on this good Earth, the quote is this; “Ignorance is the sharpest tool the ‘Great Deceiver’ has in his arsenal for Armageddon and will be the downfall of man”. This saying holds true for many different debated ideals, the time he told me of this, we were agreeing that both the Muslim and Christian religions need to look at one another with opened minds and realize how similar they are and quit the squabbling on who loves God, or Allah the most . But, in this case, this outstanding quote goes to, Dimitrios T, RAJA, Peter Brauer, Korshattghenee, and all the other people out there with the same mind set (or whom I’d rather call ‘sheeple’) because if it was not for the sheeple such as yourselves and your complete ignorance, these dictators would never have come to power. (Sheeple asking the wolf, “What’s for supper”) Of course, these dictators convince you sheeple that the U.S.A. is a horrible place, because the U.S.A. is a thorn in their side and an obstacle for them to enslave sheeple such as yourselves. The U.S.A. has always been the beacon of hope for the oppressed and will continue as long as there are schmucks like me to go and get there asses blown up to defend your right to free speech and the freedom for sheeple, such as yourselves, to stay in your iron-clad bubbles and be dumb asses.
    God Bless the U.S.A. and my brothers and sisters who defend her, and by all means, if this offends you in anyway, go ahead and get yourself a big ‘ole helping of, “Shut the fuck up”, and please get seconds on, “Kiss my ass”.

  22. imran says:

    usa is no 1 evil country in the world top ten president from should be in this list

  23. Howard Gleason says:

    WTF? So America gets blamed for all of the wars? What we didn’t lose any lives in any of those wars? It’s this type of Anti-American sentiment that pisses me off the most. To ALL of the Anti-American assholes out their, America has and will always stand out as a shining beacon of Democracy. We give more aid and military assistance than any other nation in history. Also to ALL the Anti-Americans in America “GET THE FUCK OUT!” Go live elsewhere where “U” believe it is better.

  24. Maowhat!!?? says:

    Holy mother fuckers bitch shit up into that fucking hells poop ass! HOW ON THIS FUCKING WORLD

    ….Kill maybe 78 million?????????? WHATA……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ribsey says:

    What about Henry Kissinger?

  26. boone says:

    Now dmitrio and others are starting a war. I wonder how many will be killed in that one. Also, napoleon bonaparte caused 6 million 500 thousand death’s. Where is he?

  27. Janoma says:

    I read something about being the architect of brutal wars. Where’s Bush?

  28. arash says:

    It is not a fair statistics. Hitler and Stalin kill the peopole in world war II. As you know briatain, US and italy was also in the war and they help stalin in the war. How you calculate the people which are dead in this war? Are they killed by Hitler or Stalin? Roosevelt and Cherchil were angels? what about Dresden? Hiroshima? Nakazaki? all of them killed by US and axis.

  29. carlos chong says:

    uk and usa always think and claim that russia and china are devil. just because russia and china are thier enemy, but how did the evident come up?most of the information and the statics are
    are made by uk and usa. in facts uk and usa made most devil things to this world. they pollute the enviroment by bad industry. they made wars everywhere. as thier
    agressive and wild behaviour, billions of asian and afracian people died or live very poor. if there have god i hope it will judge the uk and usa.

  30. ebil dict8or says:

    This is great! To all responders: not only can people not spell but nobody seems to know the difference between GENOCIDE and WAR….. lol It’s absolutely amazing how your blatant ignorance flows from your half-dead brains into your fingertips and spews bullshit all over the internet. I can at least rest assured knowing that you will get an A for effort. However, next time you want to say something stupid, you might want sit back and reflect upon the fact that you know absolutely nothing about the subject.

    Oh, and by the way. You can’t stop an evil dictator by shunning him and telling him that he’s been a bad boy.

    10 ten fo realz. bai.

  31. hai. says:

    i really love it . it has good structure to what its all about . i needa poo and take a wee aswell . and pick my nose .

  32. jay says:

    what about uday hussein? he killed for fun !

  33. jim says:

    wat about ur ma spiting out my cum – that killed around 50 – 250 million mini mes

  34. anrecal10 says:

    all AMERICANS are stupid

  35. Mmmousemaid says:

    Duck and cover, for the ride is nasty, brutish and mercifully short.

  36. jacky boy says:

    The USA is a disgusting country in so many ways. The Vietnam death count was from war not from some fucked up purge by a dictator. Still though fuck America. Europe is so much better !

  37. craiclad says:

    What a bunch of dickheads… What aout all the people america killed in japan with the atomic bomb an what about all the women and children in vietnam countless people in iraq.
    America went a put a name on what Adolf Hitler done but really he was doing right by the world clensing the world of unnessary needs.
    So if what hitler done is genocide then what the hell is what america done to every other country.
    What is the word for that. Seige hail seige hail… hail hitler…. white power white power white power

  38. Reza says:

    why you dont talk about afghanistan’s human crimes research such as
    Ahmad shah masoud who that destroy Beauty KABUL and killed many people ?

  39. Brad says:

    Did u know that USA is the country that have killed the most people after WWII?

  40. wesley says:

    i guess at the end of the day every peice of land on earth every dictator or Governed states have a negative side to them…lets stop focusing on the negative & bring about the positive, im pretty sure these ficks that are doing dirt on earth are gonna get theres even if there is no god & jesus gets to be white even though hes egyptian & america is a big lie stolen from the moors…theres karma. and she exist its a proven fact the negative & positive energy returns to where it came from so ppl seperate yourself from earth stare at the sunsets & sunrise dont be bias nor ignorant be happy & positive your most likely half dead already…meditation.

  41. Americathefreedom says:

    You stupid ass holes quit blaming America for everything. We try to help INNOCENT people from TERRORIST like you who hate freedom!

  42. Reason says:

    @Brad “Did u know that USA is the country that have killed the most people after WWII?”
    Almost this whole list is after WWII… Inventing statistics only makes you look stupid.

  43. American pie! says:

    Look Mao killed a shit loada people but look the US destroys evreything it touches look at the Fucking NATO and US forces bombing the shit outa LIBYA the US dosent care about democracy thats bull shit! They care about oil and are there for Gadaffi’s tresure trove of oil. I know the US did all that good stuff like ending slavery and kicking HITLER in the balls but just look at whats happening now. The US are not the patriots the fighters of freedom they once were, Theyre even begging to old mao for cash! And maybe if you hadn’t been so rude to mao he would give u a couple of pennies.
    Wow dosent any body know that most americans now are ignorant and stupid fat bitches. NOT all of em but the majority its like 70% of them a complete fuck heads. Obama quoting from Martin Luther King bull shit obama is just another bush!

  44. Pensname says:

    The US was asked by the UN to intervene in Libya, plus it’s a war, and we’re talking about dictators. I love how at every chance they get, they jump at the opportunity to mock Americans.
    Why don’t you just crawl back into your little shed and start looking up your motherfucking facts:
    1. American is a democracy
    2.Please, as if they needed Libya’s oil. They already purchase form Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, plus its faithful ally Israel.
    3. Please…dosent isn’t an actual word. And you call everoyne else stupid
    4. The list is about dictators
    I think I just about killed all of the statements against America here with a less than 3 minutes of research on Encarta and Wikipedia!

  45. Hakan says:

    The #6 is WRONG !!!!!!
    You should investigate the history rather than relying on hearsay. History as a science does not support that claim for #6.

  46. frederick genato says:

    Did we forgot ferdinand marcos in the philippines?

  47. fuqyomama says:

    The difference between us (US) and them is that our leaders aren’t have mass exterminations here @ home. As an American I truly wish we would leave the world alone. Let all you ungrateful fucks attempt to grow your own food, fight your own wars and destroy each other. When WW3 breaks out, don’t even look our way. Go fuck yourselves.

  48. Jakes says:

    Guys, we all know what America does but don’t miss the point, this is “Top Ten Most Evil Dictators of All Time ” not countries or whatver, ya’ll are looking for fame.

  49. Jakes says:

    People this is Top Ten Most Evil Dictators of All Time not America.

  50. Reman says:

    You people saying America sucks and we are warmongers need to shut up. Yeah America is not perfect but no country is. In fact wasn’t it European countries who started the two bloodiest conflicts in history? And isn’t it European countries who came crying to America for help? In fact most of you grandparents would have died from starvation if America had not have sent food over after ww 2. So think next time you say “America is evil or America sucks.” cause the truth is if it was not for America, Europe would not be the “great place” you people say it is today.

  51. American pie! says:

    U sir are wrong this is the situation in Libya:Parasitic US bankster-puppet-fucks feel? threatened by someone who wants real money in Africa so they fill the? news with propaganda bullshit, then they recruit and give weapons to local rebels so they do the job for them fucking cowards. Clinton, Obama, Bush etc… you motherfuckers deserve to be prosecuted for mass murdering, country raping, tyranny, world scale lies. OWS ppl will catch you and you’ll die like animals exactly like Gaddafi, difference is you deserve it MUCH more than he did.

  52. ko says:

    i thought mao je dong was a good man

  53. ko says:


  54. Neither Patriot nor Dissident says:

    “Did you count how many people America has freed from dictators/terrorists”

    They also installed another dictator in their place to shit on their people.

  55. The Founding Fathers of the United States of America designed the Constitution so that Checks and Balances between the three parts of the Federal Government would limit the powers of each. They observed in history that the military forces which are supposedly there to protect the Nation from domestic and foreign military threats quite often broke their promise to the Nation and took over as despotic dictators. The remedy to this malady is to establish a Republic which has democratic elections. This system is not perfect, does not often work quickly enough, but in the interests of racial equality, has elected a President who would not be qualified to take office otherwise.

  56. Fairuz paki says:

    Hahaha all those past great leaders which u called them top ten evil dictetors.I am very sure when ever i been upporturned 2 have the power of governing my country,i will do much more evil thing greater than what they did.hmm

  57. arena says:


  58. nirmal says:

    where is mahindha rajabakshe

  59. George says:

    I think dis is d worst office of a man which a country ever had.

  60. light says:

    yeah if you have the power it was good for your selves..but if you and face the god i dont what will you say and feel the heat of hell…maybe you would say let me repent my sin…because in hell you will not die but you will be punish 4 ever and ever…thats why wise man says you dont know what your talking…..

  61. Robert puleo says:

    Well they all have one thing in common their all in hell with one another.

  62. chmar says:

    what about george bush?

  63. josef says:

    not one of them who are dead is in heaven right now! don’t worry guys.

  64. Jenna says:

    STOP SAYING STALIN WAS A “COMMUNIST”!! he wasn’t a communist at all. the only thing he did was to give the communists a bad reputation, that’s why people hate communists so much nowadays. Stalin was a tyrant!! and come on!! if he made a pact with the nazis then you’re not a communist because that is not what a communist do or stand for, they are against it!!!..

  65. HERP DE DERp says:

    I think you’re wrong about Hitler I think it was 7.5 million but hey I could be worng.

  66. aaaaaa says:

    what about Truman , Bush and Obama ?

  67. tehninjabru says:

    U r missing a few (eg gaddafi)
    but im suprised u didn’t put some terrorist leaders, as they r dictators in their own, fucked up way

  68. Dds says:

    Yeah cause obama is killing sooo many people, idiot. I hate it when people try and say things like obama and truman.

  69. dillon naismith says:

    how could these twats do this 2 all these people. and if i was going 2 make a website like this i would at least add osama bin laden, genghis khan, idi amin and ruhollah khomeini.

  70. Jason2474 says:

    I find it amusing how a website listing an opinion about the deadlist dictators of the past 100 years, gets transformed into a “bitch about the American pigs” session in the comments. If anyone had done thier homework as well as the author of this list, they would find that he has done quite well conveying some fairly relavent information regarding the subject. Let us not forget while we stand on our virtual soapboxes ranting outlandish slander in ALL CAPS at the mighty American evil-doers, that had it not been for things like the Second Ammendment to the Constitution and the internet, both American original ideas, they would have no pulpit from which to attack. In addition, had it not been for the tyrannical American oppressors intervention in conflicts like WWII, they would be spewing their useless text garbage at the world in German or Japanese.

  71. Joe 1275 says:

    What is good about a communist Jenna ?

  72. Bob says:

    “…if we do have someone bad in office we can find better ways to get them out than murdering them, wars, and aggressive confrontations.”

    Really? Your mind is trapped in an infantile, idealistic place. Evil dictators must be ousted with force. People must be willing to die to preserve freedom, and…never mind, you won’t get it, will you?

  73. history in your face! says:

    (Jenna) How could you say that Stalin was not a communist!!!!!! Anyone who has a brain (even with a below average intelligence) and with a minimum knowledge of modern history knows he was communist!
    Yes Stalin was a tyrant and he was the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1952 (member of the secretariat 1922-1953).
    The Soviet Union was a single-party state ruled by the Communist Party from its foundation until 1990.
    As for the non-aggression pact with the Nazi’s, it was a big surprise to everyone because Hitler and Stalin hated each other and had the opposite ideals. The pact was signed by soviets because they needed more time to prepare for was, and by the nazis because they could not afford to fight a two front war from the beginning of WW2.
    They eventually went to war with each other in 1941!

    Seriously where do you get your history from….


  74. Jubu-jubu says:

    Nice list. Been reading the comments–umm–it’s based on body-bag count, guys. Did you read the title. So if you hate the U.S., whatever…stand in line, but I do not think there is a US president that even remotely ranks with these guys. Even if you grossly exaggerate, the U.S. doesn’t have a leader that holds a candle to any of those shits above. Dictators like Ghaddaffi were little pricks, but they just did not kill enough to rank in the top ten. Finally, I’m sure the author would agree that all the numbers are a little fuzzy–after all, to what degree were these killers responsible for each death?

  75. Jubu-jubu says:

    #History in your face, Jenna is right; Stalin was not a communist. It’s absurd to think anything remotely resembling communism ever existed in the Soviet Union, or anywhere. That is why I am not a communist–stupid political idea that only exists in ones’ wildest imaginations. It is a label, not a reality that actually occurred.

  76. TK says:

    I’m not really sure how you can have a list like this without listing Emperor Hirohito. He is estimated to have been responsible for 10,000,000 to 30,000,000 plus deaths during his reign.

  77. Moron Hater says:

    U all r stupid, seriously get off here and get a life, our president is doin his job, while people like u criticize o and i believe there is a law against pubblic lies, its a federal offense

  78. Dick Tater says:

    To be fair, the Holodomor is more a Ukrainian neo-Fascist and ultraconservative invention. Soviet policies at the time were not pretty Ukrainization-centric in the region and famine is not the same as putting people in the death camp like the NAZIs did.

    Incidentally the main man the Ukrainian nationalists blame for the ”Holodomor” (which should be ”Golodomor”, but they wanted the nearest spelling to the Holocaust as possible) was from a Jewish background and was hated by Ukrainian nationalists for being a ”Jew”. The Holodomor is just apologism for Ukrainian collaborationism during WWII (despite the fact that NAZIs actually considered Slavs subhuman and wanted to keep them as workers for a bit and then exterminate them after they were useful).

    Also, I find it amusing that Stalin is always considered more brutal than Hitler despite the fact that the vast majority of deaths caused by the NAZIs were due to literal extermination, whereas most of the Soviet deaths were caused by the fact that famine was rife in the Soviet Union, a poor country racing to modernize at the time. The actual executions in the Soviet Union were also used against political enemies such as fascists, monarchists and Trotskyists, unlike in NAZI Germany were people were more often killed just because they were a different ethnic group to the majority populations in Germany. Claims that the USSR was racist are not at all convincing. If the Soviet leaders were against, say, Judaism it was due to it being a reactionary religion (which is fair enough. Why should we like Judaism? It is just moderately better than Christianity), not because of race. The fact that many Soviets were from Jewish families discredits the theory that the doctor’s plot was an anti-Jewish pogrom; the logic is bad. Saying that the actions against the doctor’s plot was Jewish persecution merely because most of the doctor’s were Jewish is like saying that because most BNP supporters have brown hair, anti-BNP demonstrations are just anti-brown haired rallies.

  79. bob says:

    george w bush should be there too.

  80. iraqia says:

    I can’t believe saddam hussein is not on here. The suffering he caused to his own people was atrocious.
    Hahaha not even in the (non)honorable mentions lol

  81. Mick says:

    What about General Mohammed Ali Jafari of Iran. The modern answer to Tojo of Japan?

  82. samdave says:

    Juan you have forgotten two powerful terrors. You and satan.

  83. alexis salas says:

    y los muertos del capitalismo donde los dejan, recuerden que muchos de esos dictadores por ejemplo los de africa han sido finaciado por las transnacionales

  84. Paul says:

    Seriously, this is effing stupid. If you’re blaming Stalin and Mao for famine, then you should put the the U.S. president during the great depression on this list. The people who let people starve during Mao’s famine were the exact party members that Mao was fighting against. The Ukrainian famine, the lawnd-owning class was burning grain reserves in protest for collectivized farming. You know who probably killed more people than Kim Il Sung? The south Korean military dictator Park chung hee! Kim Il Sung was highly respected by his people and others across for the world, and North Korea’s economy was considered the success story of Korea until the Soviet bloc collapsed. South Korea’s economy almost collapsed, but then the U.S. bailed them out. Use more sources other than wikipedia, you dumb fuck.

  85. Onyema Uche says:

    What is the world waiting for before they indite Gowon and try him for war crimes?

  86. emmanuel says:

    what of Von Trtha who killed more than a million Herero people?

  87. sany says:

    Why any USA Dictatore Name note mention in this list…..?????????

  88. Frank says: showed that the Iraq war of 2003 killed under 200000.

  89. Richard R. Bacaltos Pe says:

    never again it’s the fault of the Super Powers that controls the United Nations.

  90. Bruce says:

    Governments are oppressive by their very nature. The reason is simple. Common sense tells us that we need laws against people robbing raping and murdering each other. But where do you draw the line. Without laws the crime victim or his family just retaliates, thus justice is done. It is chaotic, but that is the natural order of things.

  91. Glenn says:

    This article is a load of bulsh*t, the accuracy of the death count is based on rumors and guesses.

    Funny that nobody mentioned it but for example Leopold II from Belgium between 2 and 15 million death counts, that a difference of 650%… Because some Dutch smart ass politician estimated he killed over 15 million people, that’s even more then population today in Belgium. Even if the Congo was 14 times the size of Belgium that would mean he killed 1/14 the of the Congolese population.

    Not to mention that he Colony for industry… if you have an industry you use the people or slaves to work not to just kill them…

    Anyway, this article is CRAP!

  92. StaCCP says:

    Lie! Where is Oliver Cromvel? And how much people died in India and China when british were there?

  93. bob says:

    @George Please learn how to spell

    I think this is the worst office mankind has ever had. NOT THIS BULLSHIT

    I think dis is d worst office of a man which a country ever had.

  94. I beleive that the moder Kim Jon Un is as bad ir not worst than No 1 on ths hit list, Mao Zedong of china – he is the modern equivalent and let alone he is getting nuclear weapons.

    We have massive problems on our hands if he is allowed to gain nuclear weapons and long distant missiles

  95. Graeme says:

    Hmmm glad god stepped in to stop….., oh wait god let these madmen do this how loving

  96. Andy says:

    Any retards wish to list US presidents here must needs head examinations.

    Especially to a retard named Paul, no U.S. president during the great depression let 20-25% of his people starved to death during their period of govern.

  97. Dave says:

    Wiki Timur…this guy killed 5% of the worlds population in his time…even MAO, with his 78million only killed 2% of the world populace.

  98. Ata Ikiddeh says:

    1) Top Ten most evil dictators of all time and you included Gen Yakubu Gowon, that’s a joke. You say he blockaded the East-but how was the East able to import and bring in weapons but not food?
    2) Your analysis is about leaders who caused the death of their own people? What about leaders who aided and abetted the deaths of people who were not citizens of their country?

  99. John says:

    Its not the man in charge who is responsible for all the deaths, its the people who allow themselves to want to be governed and have people they deem better than themselves to be their leaders. People don’t have enough confidence in themselves and they end up voting for the (best on tv) personality for their leaders…..p.s. read Freuds writings and you will see the world for what it really is….take control of your own life

  100. Hawk says:

    What about evil Srilanka tamil tiger prabakaran as well as Mahinda Rajapaksha and his clan low life rascist gotabaya rajapakshe and his rascist executioner sarath fonseka .Rajapakshe brothers are notorious worst than pol pot.Sooner or later, corrupt rajapakse family will have the same fate of gaddafi and saddam! Fear for the White Van .People are traumatised when ever they see a white van Only in Srilanka. The world should intervene before more journalist are shot and murdered, foreign,tourist are murdered and gang raped by governing party hoodlooms ,Media surpression, Christians and miniorities place of worship vandalised and harassed.

  101. Jesus says:

    You forgot about the biblical god. I don’t remember the exact count but he killed like 100 million. He’s probably not real but that kill count is significant.

  102. ALovingJesusChristServent says:

    Hey Mr or Mrs Jesus
    2 things I have for you

    1) Is God only kill some people because they where blasphemous and evil plus THATS from the beginning of our life until now so compared to theses people who killed millions in a few years is it that bad

    2) WHEN (not if) Jesus Christ comes and you see him and Jehovah God you will fall to your face and weep and you will be in that fiery lake that Revelations 20:10 states you my poor brother will be thrown in there and the smoke of your torment will be forever and ever it will never end

    Come to the light before its to late Jehovah love us all DONT deny the gift that you can recieve from God

    God bless DONT deny Jehovah or Christ

  103. DolphinFlogger says:

    What about Genghis Khan? Over 50mil when the world had a much smaller population. A true a$$hole, and had successors that continued his terror. Should be 1 on this list, hands down

  104. Phil says:

    Hi, what i dont like about your picture is your No.1 “killer”. You put your highest kill number and it looks like Mao was the worst creature ow the world ever. I have read a lot about his life and China’s history. I lived there couple of years and I could talk to many local people. It is true the Chinese think that Mao was right in 3/4 things he’s done – this is how they are taught at schools. Maybe interesting is that during his “reign” China’s population GREW by some 57% (300million) – he just akes people to have more children to ba able to fight USSR after they became hostile to each other. Then for sure he was not natural born killer like other his colleagues from your schedule. Definitely he did not order to organize a killing corporation like Hitler with headquarters in Auschwitz with detailed designed technology of killing and utilizing the remains of the killed. Definitely he was not killing on purpose whole generation of people like Stalin did in Syberia. Definitely he was not organizing war campaigns that costed lives of millions. What he was – he was a rural worker that cam to enormous political power. Having great leadership abilities but no experience and education he made many mistakes on the society of 700 million people. This lead to many deaths resulted from stupid political campaigns – mostly from unsufficient food supply problem (by destroying private farming, etc.). Similar was done by Stalin in Ukraine in 30ties of XX century – when several millions of poeple died because they could not produce food on their own.
    Assuming – it is worth reading than watching pictures as your picture does not represent the truth and makes some natural born bastards no 2,3 or 4 or 10th. If you were counting the exact number of deaths resulted from direct/indirect order it would differ very much.
    By the way – Harry Truman killed some 200 thousand japanese civilians in several weeks with atomic bomb.

  105. Bart says:

    Where is Suharto on this list. He should be 8 or 7 but he was a CIA and Chicago School sponsored dictator.

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    you’re using? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different web browsers and I must
    say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you recommend a good hosting provider at
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  107. Bill says:

    They all suck..

  108. Future Dictator says:

    The World needs some people like him in order to maintain the balance of the ecosystem! But one thing I want to ask where are Bush Jr. and Barack Obama? Their drones and warplanes killed several millions in the middle east whom the count is only known to the deserts of Arabia.

  109. W. R. Marsh says:

    To: poster who calls himself “Jesus:”

    Sorry, you’re mistaken. God didn’t kill those people. He gave them life. Other people killed them. Think it through. That’s the truth: people kill people.

  110. Jack Falk says:

    I do not see the Catholic church on this list! More people have been killed in the name of Christ then in all the rest of the list combined!

  111. Ben says:

    hey ALovingJesusChristServent,

    STFU. You sound as brainwashed as those morons in China who worship Mao even though he was a piece of shit. The difference is they worship someone that actually existed. You once outgrew the ridiculous concept of a fat man in a red suit who would deliver you presents, it’s about time you outgrew this childish fairy-tale idea of some Jewish saviour and associated heaven.

    For the record, the word god is not a proper noun and should not be capitalised. There are many gods in the history of mankind.

    Finally, it’s most humourus how you make excuses for the tyrannical piece of crap that god is portrayed as in the bible. You sound as deluded as the North Koreans who make excuses for Il Sung’s crimes.

    You’re nothing more than a naive idiot who wouldn’t know truth if it bit you in the ass.

  112. joe says:

    mao zedong is my idol

  113. Chris C. says:

    What are your SOURCES? I find it quite disingenuous that all these numbers are thrown as if they were facts, yet no sources are mentioned. The number of deaths during wars, in particular, where there is no mention of the victors’ victims, is especially disturbing to me.

  114. nope says:

    Enver pasha is not killer its a bullshit

  115. doug says:

    Proving once again that government is evil.

  116. JackTaraz says:

    Why is George Bush, Jr. and Dick Cheney NOT on this list???
    They killed 5-10 MILLION Iraqi’s in the last few years.
    They SHOULD have been indicted and prosecuted before the World Court in the Hague.
    Yet, he hear NOTHING about that.
    So, are WE the worst country regime in history? We do not even admit that our Dear Leader killed more than most on this list!

  117. One more says:

    What rank is Idi Amin on the list?

  118. adam says:

    i think mengustu hailamariam is the most evil leader in the world

  119. Arkun says:

    Enver Pasha wasn’t a Dictator(!)…He was a big patriot and Turanist commander in the Ottoman Empire era. This is Western’s disgustings propaganda their work together with Armenian lobbies against to Enver Pasha for years.

    Why don’t they never talk about of Armenian Dashnak-Sutyun gang’s massacres that their were committed against to innocent and unarmed Turkish people at Anatolia in 1915 year? In these savage massacres we have lost of our thousands of people…Western world can’t see these massacres and killings, but they want to make to Enver Pasha a scapegoat in their fake historical claims like that.

  120. Fred says:

    And who was it that killed millions in Hiroshima and Nagasuki IN JUST TWO DAYS?

  121. Dave says:

    I am just glad Napoleon did not make the list, as bad as any dictator is he did a lot of good for the freedom and advancement of Europe and mankind

  122. joe says:

    You forgot the Mongol empire, though I know it’s much older, they slaughtered more than 50 million people.

  123. Richard Gennis says:

    Its all relative.
    In terms of killng people Pol Pot goes down in history as the deadliest.
    Nearly one third of fellow countrymen and women killed because they didnt meet the idealogical demands.

  124. Durrr brains says:

    This was from 2010 …. Idiots

  125. J.R. says:

    King Leopold II never visited Congo and Congo is 76 times bigger than Belgium.

  126. Peter Chuen says:

    And they only find Muslims the terrorists …. smh

  127. teller123 says:

    I have a feeling we are going to see a leader from the United States added to this list in the very near future.

    Going back to the very first comment on this page and naming God and a mass murderer is completely false and 99% of the people that think that have never bothered to understand why those particular beings were commanded to be killed. In order to do that you must first understand Genesis 6. Those cities were inhabited by the the descendants of the Nephilim or the fallen one. The were not human and God deals with them exactly the same every time. We are going to see those things back here again in the near future if they’re not among us already. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be….

    As a bonus for those of you that also think God condoned slavery, another common accusation by those who have done little to no study, I would just state that one must understand the day and meaning of that word in that day. It is not quite the same as we know it. In fact you may want to read the word and definition in the original text.

  128. Sebastian says:

    Ben sucks lol

  129. ??? says:

    Mao Zedong is fucking crazy.

  130. mikaela says:

    No matter how many people these men killed they are still some of the greatest men/ women in the world. they revolutionised the way we think, the way we act, and the way we use the knowledge today. These humans are who we have to thank for giving the history of our species the characteristics that required to learn from and build into. If every species had a boring history there would the mistakes be to learn from. If history was full of rainbows and lollipops and sweet little children that did everything perfectly. knowone would learn. We have these Men/women to thank.

  131. john werneken says:

    Author thinks the nonviolent way of removing these maniacs to be what, exactly/

  132. David says:

    You forgot Lincoln. Authorized a war that killed over 800,000 men, women and children.

  133. Whocares says:

    Haha Wow you guys make me laugh. From the slandering of America to god bashing and then all of the morons that try to correct the other morons. Literally maybe one fourth of you actually know what you’re talking about. As far as God or Jesus all that stuff is your own opinion so it really does no good to put it up here as if it is relevant at all to dictators. To all the people who hate America in other countries, I dare you to say bad things about your own country and see what happens to you. To the people who live in America and slander it personally I think you’re all garbage and unpatriotic and can GTFO but because America is a democracy and we have freedoms of speech you can say all of these stupid things and you won’t be persecuted for it. Then again I just sat here and read these comments for like an hour so maybe I’m the biggest idiot on here but it was pretty funny so it was worth it. Also if anybody tries to call me out and comment on my comment I want you to know that I really don’t care and will probably never be back on this thing so I’ll prolly never see it. First comment of 2015!

  134. Adonis Raji says:

    I think the fact that Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria is named on this list has made it grossly unreliable. History is awashed with sadists who kill just for the kicks it brings. If a man like Idi Amin didn’t make the list and leaders who started wars to shield their inadequacies are acceptable in the opinion of this author, no seriousness can be attached to the list. In the last fifty years alone, leaders like Charles Taylor, Muhamar Gadaffi etc. have caused more deaths for no honourable cause than to enrich themselves.
    Among his people, Gowon was a man who had to defend a country he was leading in a war he didn’t start where the aggressor, (Ojukwu) was being equipped by some of the so-called developed countries. If Ojukwu’s people were starving, why weren’t they supplied food by the same people who supplied the weapons?

  135. Shjskddj says:


  136. Shjskddj says:


  137. mike says:

    Ok, I agree with your descriptions and I don’t think you missed any major people, but you still obviously don’t know your history. To say that the moral is as simple as “not electing an evil dictator” is very naive. Honestly, not a single country ever put a person in power with the idea that “boy, this evil dictator sure will be great!” Take Hitler, for instance. One of the most influential, well known people in modern history, Hitler did not start out as an evil person. A devote Christian all his life, Hitler actually had no ‘bad’ intentions when he came to power. Germany was actually in a very distraught financial state and needed someone to pull them out of depression. Hitler rose up and gave them hope. He pulled them out of depression, and even made them a world power. Even the events of the holocaust (as bad as this may sound) were, in Hitler’s mind, the right thing to do for Germany. Hitler had only the best intentions for the German people in mind. Take Mao Zedong. This man killed nearly 100,000,000 people, yet this was only due to an attempt to bring the Chinese economy out of a bad place (much like Hitler). The majority of the people that Zedong “killed” died from starvation due to a lack of crop yield in China at the time, which somehow got pinned on Zedong. Also, in case you haven’t heard of the Long March (which you probably haven’t), he led 100,000 people out of South East China to avoid EXECUTION! If he hadn’t led the march, they all would have been killed. Instead, Zedong saved 7,000 of them after a 6,000 mile trek across China. Those who died did so because they couldn’t weather the trip. These deaths, however, were again blamed on him. People are not evil, they just do what they think is best, which benefits some, and not others. Its honestly not as easy as you may think to just “get rid of” a dictator.
    Read your history books bud.

  138. Ol' Uncle Joe Stalin says:

    What about Nixon?

  139. Martie says:

    Excellent, well-researched article about the top ten most evil dictators. It makes one realize that evil, like death, does not discriminate between races and cultures. I would like to read an article about the top ten best leaders… 🙂

  140. James D. Chiller says:

    What about Genghis Khan? He’s got somewhere around 50-70 million deaths on his hands…

  141. Jacob says:

    I think this is a good article. Very informative and simple. I believe that, as Mike pointed out, no one puts an evil dictator in power because they look forward to being under his thumb. The closing paragraph killed me! You say we should just figure out how to get an incredibly powerful man with an entire military at his beck and call out of office. That’s bull. Absolute bull. If there were a clean, easy way to do it, that would be the first choice. No one WANTS to go to war, but it tends to be the only way to stop people like these on the list. If you have a better idea, I’m curious as all get-out to hear your suggestion.

  142. Rudolf Reese says:

    Stalin killed way more than that

  143. Jovisys says:

    What about Bush and Chaney?? Geez you really think these morons are not responsible to the thousands or now millions death around the world?

  144. Ian says:

    Comment by Mike way off beam. Mao sold his people’s food to buy nuclear weapons which he no need for. That’s why they starved. And Mao did not lead his people on the long march. He was bloody carried all way on a specially constructed stretcher. Four hapless peasants did the carrying.

  145. Mahmoud says:

    Where the hell is Thomas Jefferson? Or the American Indian Holocaust doesn’t count because it happened in America? Jeez !

  146. AshRosetti says:

    What about Muhammed? He murdered Jews, Christians. Raped and Imprisoned young girls (who he used as sex spaces and rewarded to his followers), he burned alive Homosexuals, he married Aysha at the age of 6. So far, 270,000,000 people have been murdered in the name of ISLAM (the evil cult that he founded).

  147. Attila says:

    Enver Pasha !

  148. Attila Khan says:

    Ghengis Khan ?

  149. Ardas3 says:

    Hey,you can say that Enver Pasha killed a lot of peole but Armenian Genocide is a diffrent topic.First learn it,then you can write about it.In other point,Armenian Genocide never happened.Do you really believe that a falling country can make and afford genocide?

  150. ABC says:

    To those Americans on here attempting to make Europe seem evil and America the saviours, let me say this – Vietnam anybody? You know, where America murdered thousands of innocent civilians because they were too stupid to realise that they weren’t wanted. And to those of them claiming that America “saved” Europe during WW2, ummm.. no you didn’t. Germany couldn’t have taken Britain, because they lost the Battle of Britain, and so Britain and the USSR together could have beaten Germany – it just would have taken longer. Learn, people. America is nowhere near the best country in the world, filled with unjustified patriots spouting propaganda, and racists thinking every other country is inferior. I think I’d rather live in Communist Russia during the 1930’s.

  151. ABC says:

    Oh and whoever the guy is claiming Islam is an evil cult – shut the hell up.

  152. History was written by the victors

  153. Stalin Killed 50 million Ukranians in an experiment

  154. Jon Weban says:

    The recipe to stop dictators from coming to power is a strong constitutional democratic republic, like our founders created in the United States. Our constitution is the best cookbook, but many of our leaders have trashed it, and instead are building a weapon of mass destruction called the surveillance state, one so extreme, so powerful, that the leaders above could only have dreamt of it.

    The first and second amendments are under full assault in the U.S.A., and it only takes a little push before the power that wields this surveillance state is impossible to dismantle, through the creeping tyranny of blackmail and character assassination and inside information at all levels, and then just a matter of time until the rest of our freedoms are taken, and the dying begins.

    All in the name of stopping terrorists? Compare the numbers that might die in a terrorist attack, to the numbers in the list above. Get the picture? In coming elections, we must all speak and vote to oppose unconstitutional mass surveillance against law-abiding citizens, that puts too much information/power in the hands of government. We don’t need all that to stop terrorist attacks, if we even can. Tyranny is the greater risk. Challenge all who support unconstitutional mass surveillance.

  155. jimmyjames says:

    Its just what happens…. it is what it is………..

  156. Commie says:

    There is no Armenian Bullshit. It’s just English games. There are so much people died because of capitalsit Britannia. Long life to Communism!

  157. Commie says:

    AND what about USA! The world is burning for the sake of USA!

  158. owossoguy says:

    The remarks on here are from some very stupid and uneducated people trying to advance their own agenda! What this guy wrote in this article is the truth and if you don’t believe it you better read more! Religion has nothing to do with these devils. It was the way to stay in power and that is what it is POWER

  159. B Cuz says:

    “People are not evil, they just do what they think is best, which benefits some, and not others.”

    This has to be one of the most asinine a statements I’ve ever read. That is tantamount to saying evil doesn’t exists and anyone with at least 2-3 functioning neurons knows evil is everywhere on this planet. The old and accepted axiom that power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely seems to work here. To say Mao is not culpable in the millions of deaths is insanity speaking … it was his policies in the very least and mostly his direct orders.

    Mike, you need to back away from the bong and quit reading Alinsky. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and many others not mentioned were the epitome of evil. You should be ashamed of yourself for defending evil but I’m sure you’re not !

  160. HanzP says:

    What about the Rothchild / Rockefeller Zionist banking cabal? Surely they beat Mao Zedong out if first place

  161. Ferhat says:

    AshRosetti : Be careful when you say Muhammed(a.s.m) because he is our prophet and last prophet in the world. How can he be responsible for murder? He was like an angel and is the reason why the whole humanity is created due to his lifestyle and faith. You blame him in a very disgusting way, those information are so wrong, make some decent research about him and ?slam. A prophet cannot be responsible any bad actions , never for murders. Christian, Jews and Muslims have been killing each other for thousands of years. For sure, if you want to distinguish people with their belief, Christian killed a lot more than Muslims. At the time of Jihad, Muslims were conquering lands in the name of Allah, but after the expansion of ?slam and today there is no such thing. People cannot MURDER others in the name of ?slam! ?slam provides peace to people. First, be respectful, then make emphaty and think critical.

  162. leeuniverse says:

    Two comments…..
    The author of this article is incredibly naive for what he states in conclusion, especially so since he seems to study history.
    Quote: “And if we do have someone bad in office we can find better ways to get them out than murdering them, wars, and aggressive confrontations.”

    What does this author think people should do when nothing works? When the Dictator has such a strangle hold on speech, movement, writing, weapons, etc.? He clearly thinks people should just keep dying or allowed to die, because maybe “one day” he can be voted out of office.
    This author clearly doesn’t understand that Dictators become dictators because they can, they control the people so they can’t do anything, and thus the ONLY way to stop them from Genocide, injustice, Wars, etc. IS to fight back against them, by killing them or wars.

    I don’t recall off hand, but if Mao was the most Genocidal leader of history, and if some people knew Mao was doing what he was doing, doesn’t the author think someone should have killed him to stop the innocents from dying? I mean, upwards of 78 Million….. Really, WAR killing a murderer or Waring with him somehow isn’t “worth it” in this authors mind?

    Message to ABC…..
    What propaganda crap do you listen to and read?
    America went to Vietnam to help the South Vietnamese (as they requested) who Wanted Democracy and Freedom to rule themselves, to stop the Communist North from taking over and being dictators over the South. America and South Vietnamese Wared with the Northern Communists to try and stop them who were supplied by China and Russia. America did not kill “civilians”, that’s slimeball John Kerry and other lying liberals claims, not the truth. Sure, not that civilians never accidentally got killed, nor that no G.I. never did a wrong, but the liberal bullship movies are just that, non-historical bullship, and whatever bad might have happened was FAR the exception to the rule. People are still human, and do wrong. But America has always been a professional military, and Vietnam was no different.

    The only problem with Vietnam is they tried to fight them one on one, thus killing to many American soldiers, and they QUIT the war only months before America would have won it and freed the South (admited by a Northern General in his Bio). So, liberals of this country lost that war, just like they really lost the Iraq War also, not truly destroying Fanatical Islam and leaving a stable country that can build. Just look at WWII and South Korea, places in which America was allowed to do it’s job, where slimeball liberals didn’t influence this country that much, yet Europe was freed and helped to be “prosperous” (well as much as EU liberals have allowed it, man EU country’s are poor, overtaxed, etc.). South Korea is like a modern Japan, also a war America won.
    And what you said about America not helping Europe, you’re just ignorant. Sure, eventually Russia and the U.K. would have won, but America did a LOT there, and likely prevented a lot less death. Was D-Day just in our imagination, or the 100’s of other battles there? Don’t know what drugs and propaganda you are on, clearly liberal ones.

  163. Schneider says:

    “Shjskddj says:JAN 19, 2015

    Real mature. Zionist? As you can see Hitler aint the most evil man that walked the earth. Are a jewish life more worth than a Russians life etc? Communism leaders are 10x worse. Same shit from genereation to generation. And gues what I dont adore Adolf, but the truth hurt! Why are not the communism leaders more the spotlight of evil dictarors? History was written by the victors. Mankidn never learn of their misstakes, will go in if not on religius cause they will find another cleanse… Shame to be human tbh. We are so cruel!

  164. king says:

    Gen Yakubu Gowon with the help of British, Rusia, China, saudi arabia , Egypt, etc, killed over 5-million Biafrans . The blockade killed more than the soldiers in the 3 years civil war. Till date Nigeria has not addressed the issue. Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, & Reconciliation as agreed during cease fire negotiation was immediately abandoned. Biafrans were given only 20 pounds then for survival . while all their properties and cash in the banks were intentionally confisticated by other tribes and federal govt of Nigeria. the easterners(Biafrans) has been marginalized from every angle in the contraption called Nigeria. Till date Gowon is walking about freely in the world without justice to the Biafrans . But Biafran must rise again for a pay back time if the world and Nigeria did not address the situation now!!

  165. Gavin says:

    Tojo waged war against the USA, China, Netherlands, and France? Pretty sure Britain, India, NZ, and Australia were involved too.

  166. Chinese Kid says:

    Mao never killed that many people.

  167. Everett Witt says:

    Lets just say the aborted all those fine people then their not that evil are they kinda like the abortionists of this world

  168. History says:

    Hitler when young was good and inspiring but the old one deserves number 1.

  169. Ron says:

    I guess G. W. Bush is a piker, with only 500,000 Iraqis killed. How many millions of German and Japanese civilians did Roosevelt kill. Did anyone even count? Or Truman with his A-bombs when Japan was on its knees.

  170. Dingo says:

    over 57 million (and counting) unborn killed in America since Roe v Wade. WAY more genocide then Mao.

  171. Jake Ahtone says:

    What about the early U.S. presidents of American history. The attempted genocide of the Native Americans.

  172. Brabant says:

    Muhammad continues to murder rape and pillage non-muslims from the grave via the ant Christ spirit spoken in his “Holy” writings.

  173. Bilge Mutluer says:

    Enver Pasha?? The breakdown you offered depends on Armenian lies, not on historical facts. By the way, so-called “genocide” starts with Armenian militia murdering innocent Turkish Villagers. The truth is Enver Pasha was just a fool who became a puppet to Germans, and led Ottoman Empire to the devastating downfall…

  174. Jack says:

    Im tired of uneducated fucks trying to make a point that american presidents should be on this list. This is list of dictators not people who are elected into a office for a term. and when people say a certain country is responsible for many deaths. again this is a list of dictators not fucking countries. fucking idiots everywhere

  175. Mary Roe says:

    You didn’t venture far enough back to get the real winners. Try Genghis Khan at about 40 million. He accomplished what none of the guys on your list ever did. He killed so many that the forests in Russia regrew making him the only human to have caused a change in the climate.

  176. SWEETIE says:

    These ten most evil dictator are so very evil, they will not share their food with another, & conquered many lands.

  177. TFJMK says:

    You guys might hate Obama but he’s not a dictator, hence his absence.

  178. King Fox says:

    I’m strongly against that Mao Zedong is evil dictator. If Mao is evil, then my family would be evil, this is very offended to my granddad, and my granddad is died, this is actually very disrespectful to my granddad, because if anyone saying Mao is evil, this means they saying my granddad is evil. This is very disrespectful to my Granddad’s death. Mao makes China very strong and powerful, if China without him, then China would lose a lot of land in the second world war, he saved more people than he killed and the number of people he killed is not that much. He only killed about 4 million people, that the only mistake he made, everyone made mistake. I very thanks to Chairman Mao that he ruled China in that time, because if China without him, the new China wouldn’t be exist and I wouldn’t be exist as well. Also if China without him, China would be very weak and everyone in the world would bullies Chinese people. In China, if you make any bad comment about Mao Zedong, you would be send to prison, if you talk any bad things about him in the workplace, you would be fired, doesn’t matter how good you are of attitude towards your boss, if you said that in school, you would be expel, doesn’t matter how good student you are. One news reporter in China were commenting bad things about Mao Zedong on the dining table, he is very good new reporter, but he were already been fired from news reporter. His speech in the little red book is very helpful, I got this book at home, this little red book about Mao can helps me to be happy in my life and making progress in school.

    Mao is very good chairman.

  179. Enver Pasa says:

    Enver Pasa wasn’t a dictator, besides that the people who died, died while he was protecting his country from invasion. Get your facts straight, and put the real murderers on here who invaded the Ottoman Empire. Mainly by the West (France, Italy, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece).

    Turkey was supposed to be another colony just like the rest of Africa. Besides that World War I isn’t such a big topic in schools in the West, because they know that they are just as guilty as their enemies, they prefer to talk about World War II instead, where everything can be blamed on Hitler.

  180. Lima says:

    Don’t forget the Catholic Church and their popes…

  181. cpl of marines says:

    Change the words a bit “from the Atlantic to the Pacific from the rio grande to 59’40. America over all. America over all in the world.” Trump 2016. I joined the Marines because it’s the nearest thing this country has to the Waffen SS.

  182. Realdoll says:

    Where is Vladimir Lenin? Also killed 4 mio or so according to

  183. C Johnston says:

    I cannot believe the idioacy of replies to this article.This refers to brutal dictators NOT allied commanders in times of war .Let me say one other thing without the Yanks WW2 would not have been over as quickly and decisively as it was .I am English and yet I can see as does history the valiant ,heroic effort of our American allies.I wish they had joined earlier but they were on a non intervention pact .As for what they did in Japan ,none of these idiots reponding have even seen the horrors of a Jap pow camp..For all its problems I would still rather the American way than the Chinese or Nth Korean or most of African governments.

  184. Manos says:

    The most interesting thing about this article is that it adds up to Stalin’s bodycount the Red Army Soldiers that fought against Hilter in the East Front and actually won the 2nd World War … but Ok whatever suits the author best

  185. ApocaLips says:

    All of your comments show heart and fault… Americans are great and our soldiers are as well. But right now America is not making a good name for itself… nor has it for centuries. We are not dictators, but our Zionist bankers and industry leader are. It’s not our presidents necessarily… although our soft bellied and wagged politicians can not seem to ever be genuine. Ever! This has to stop! Read up on the history of why America gets suckered into joining wars. Hint: our government has to borrow and pay interest on every dollar borrowed. Zionist bankers are lining their pockets with every war. Even funding both sides!!!! Our blood is shed for their greed decade after decade!!!! It must stop. Stop paying income taxes now. There is no law stating that we have to pay income tax. Wink wink 😉 where do think our income taxes go? Guess again…. give up??? Every dime go into their pockets (our hard earned money = war loan interest repaid). Wake up America. Wake up world. Waiting for the Apocalypse? It started 200 years ago when Zionist Jew businessmen designed slavery in America from Africa… through history all the way through yet another false flag on 9/11 when they demolished the towers. Always creating another reason for America to jump into a new, Zionist profiting war! Notice how our new education system in America is putting our children at the bottom of the list in the world? More media, more drugs, more partying. …. MORE DISTRACTION. The less us “stupid americans” know, the easier it is for the Zionist business leaders to get wealthy and continue their steps towards a one world government. If this keeps up, we’ll be paying for our own existence in “Ameros” and not American dollars. Well then again our dollar isn’t backed by a single cent anyway…. pfhht! So much to learn and learn fast America and the rest of the wonderful people of the world. Stop racism, stop violence, accept eachothers religions…. find a way inside all of us to let it go! Attack the problem at its roots…. Learn, Share the word, Keep the money out of their hands, make a smart choice on election day and support freedom from the ones who have been brainwashing us for centuries! The time is now! READ AND EDUCATE OURSELVES.

  186. T.Y Firefly says:

    I don’t agree, Yakubu Gowon should not be on that list, he ruled in a period in Nigeria marked by war, conflicts, coups and counter coups, electoral violence etc. He wasn’t responsible for the war or anything preceeding to it. The biafran agitators tried to form a government within another government and hence, declared themselves independent, this irresponsible act led to a lot of internal wrangling within the country leading to a war instead the man actually responsible for the war was Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. He agitated for the state of Biafra and mobilised a formidable force against the government, this resulted in war.

  187. Dominic says:

    wow we were learning about Mao Zedong and my teacher said he killed about 35mil but wow…

  188. amintex says:

    Have any Muslim of this list?

  189. anne harris says:

    Well, The Obama/Clinton “kill list” is extensive as well. Don’t they make the cut?

  190. Ben says:

    100 MILLION Native Americans were killed. the white man win again.

  191. typical tumblr girl says:

    IT’S CALLED CIVIL WAR PEOPLE, GET OVER IT. It’s only because China’s population is so big that you guys think that’s a huge number. It’s a better ratio of deaths to population than the United States Civil War. Mao is the only reason China has a booming economy today. He took down most corrupt of leaders in China and spread the wealth to the poor.

  192. Marty says:


  193. Peter says:

    Surely Genghis Khan should have got a mention killing 10% of the population of the world including half of China. Julius Caesar killed 1/3 of all Gauls – over 1 million.

  194. Fred says:

    Why is this list restricted to the modern era? The fact is that the Muslim invasion and occupation of India killed in excess of 400 million, and using modern demographic methods, easily in excess of a billion Hindus over a 500 year period. There is also the enormous body count of the Khanate. Both were invariably run as tyrannies. Why, given the fact that they turned Asia into a running “Rwanda” and killed tens or hundreds of millions of people are they not on this list?

  195. John Howard says:

    Obama has set the stage to take the #1 spot. While he was treating Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with contemptuous discourtesy. He GAVE (By allowing), Iran and North Korea Nuclear capability and that makes war imminent. Iran will use nuclear weapons and arm terrorist organizations with nuclear capability. This is what Obama wanted from the start. Obama hates America and Israel. Obama is Muslim. He knowingly armed the enemy of civilization while our own government organizations recognized Iran as a state sponsor for terrorism. There are many world government organizations and references naming Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism; supporting various terrorist groups including, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. Additionally, during and after the so-called “Negotiations”, Iran chants “Death to America” and promises continued support to terrorist organizations. Iran’s Ayatollah continues his anti-American rhetoric and vows opposition to the U.S. Obama has set the stage. Those who come after Obama will be perceived as the war mongers, but the truth is, Obama has set the Juggernaut in motion.

  196. Lulu says:

    Mao Zedong is someone i just heard about a few days ago wow. All anyone ever talks about is Hitler when THIS GUY KILLED 49-78 MILLION PEOPLE!!!!!

  197. Uncle Sam's Uncle says:

    Go Donald Trump!!!!!!

  198. shin lou says:


  199. Gabe8 says:

    Jackedup G.I. your comment made me cry ;( SOOO TRUEEE

  200. ceasefire says:

    Where is rayila odinga pev 07/08 mastermind

  201. Cathy says:

    It actually turns out Stalin could have killed up to 40 million people. Although a figure close to 20 million is usually given, this number does not include all the people who died in camps after 1950 or before 1936. Other than that, great article.

  202. Joe says:

    I don’t know about these numbers and their sources (if any?). Implying that (#1 of those “Evil Dictators”) Mao “caused” the death of an estimated 45 Million here and so many more millions there, doesn’t necessarily mean that he “killed” 78 Millions… Also, I wonder where they got those numbers? Oh, wait! Some dissident who fled to Hong Kong?… Maybe… Hmmm!… Really!…
    I’m no fan of Mao or of any evil-doer, but I cannot trust this source. Maybe they are right, maybe they are not, but they have not convinced me.
    In a few words, this article looks like a hastily put together piece of crap…

  203. Joe says:

    The following looks a little better researched (at least it provides sources, whether they are credible or not):
    Mass killings under Communist regimes:

  204. Rick says:

    I come here and see some really stupid people in the comments section. Calling presidents “evil” because the number of people that died under their term in war is downright dumb. It’s the same as calling God evil. People killed perhaps millions, all in the name of God. For example, the Crusades in the 1200s. Another is the veconquista carried out by Spain. It involved the forced conversion of Muslims and Jews into Christians. If you now say that the U.S. carried out genocides instead, you’re still wrong. Genocides are the deliberate killing of an entire race, religious, or ethnic people. The last genocides that occured in the last 100 years are the Armenian (1915), Holocaust (1933), Bangladesh (1971), Cambodia (1975), Kurdish (1989) Rwanda (1990), Bosnia (1995), and Darfur (2003). These are what classifies as genocide, by the U.N.’s definition of “genocide”.

  205. bo ha says:

    However especially china president i love her and i appreciate him because he bring power for china

  206. HVM says:

    Well, there are some problems with the numbers. Lets take Hitler. He is credited here with 17 millions of deaths. Then, in the Stalin section the author says the USSR lost almost 24 million people during WWII. I think it would be fair to put those 24 million deaths in Hitler’s account. That plus the German deaths, the losses suffered by the UK and the US in the European front and plus the losses of all the countries occupied by Germany orobably outs Hitlers numbers ahead of Stalin.
    The author mentions the Holodomor but gets it wrong. It wasn’t an attempt to elliminate Ucranians by hunger. It was the result of Stalin forced collectivization of the land plus some enviromental factors that led to extremely poor harvest and hunger as a consequence. Millions of people from Russia -specially from the central part- suffered and died as well as people in Belarus. So the whole thing amounts to gross criminal incopetence, but not to ethnic cleansing.

  207. Syve Kunta Matshikiza says:

    But what is evil ? To these people, what they were doing was absolutely good. The only way we can distinguish between Good and Evil is aknowledging the existence of God (not that he exists in anycase because he dousnt but “Existence lives in Him”).
    Plus – when these people died could that honestly be the end . . . . . . . . . . . ?

  208. IDF says:

    The number of deaths recorded against Gen. Yakubu Gowon is understated. Nigerian historians put the death toll at two – three million, mostly women & children. You know the most painful thing about that needless & senseless civil war? Gowon has never regretted it till date. He went to war to bring Biafra back to Nigeria. Just yesterday, He said He stopped Biafra from leaving because the map of Nigeria would have been tilted. What a callous & devilish excuse for killing over 2 million people!

  209. kk says:

    Oh…! I have wrong perception on mao. the count is soo huge and wondering why ppl like him.

  210. sdadsfds says:

    Monarches, presidents, dictators are dressed up clowns – shrimps, pieces of smelly Jewish shit. Ancient ones are invented. It’s an attempt to convince modern generation that today’s crypto-Jewish brothel has thousand-year roots. Take into consideration Jewish meanness.
    Real organizers are always hidden. Otherwise they would be killed. Instantly – in no time.
    Jews have been extended maximum for a hundred last years. Languages are Jewish, artificial It’s the tool of a deception, programming. To read, write, speak to look video production harmfully. You become operated.
    Mind, that you are surrounded by dirty crypto-Jews. To stay in the Jewish environment harmfully. You become an idiot.
    There is no other way as to kill Jews always and everywhere successively. All without exclusions.

  211. Curt says:

    Winston Churchill should be about 6th on the list. 1.5 to 4 million in Bengal alone

  212. jos says:

    America has killed 65 million babies in forty years. There is a ongoing genocide in this country right now.

  213. jos says:

    Muslims have killed over 120 million people . They have killed more Jews, Christians Hindus and each other for centuries.

  214. Lu says:

    About Hitler is wrong, only in Soviet Union 25 million died during the World War II, not counting population of Europe

  215. King G$$$$ says:

    Its ridicules that people are mentioning the USA . Yes the US ARMY and E.C.T killed many people and did atrocities. But I think you need to AT LEAST READ THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE its talking about dictators that killed people. Not one US president committed atrocities like this. SO before you start just hating on The USA Read the DAM article title. For crying out loud there has not even been a dictator in the USA.( no matter how much you don´t like a certain president he is not a dictator)

  216. Anonymous says:

    You forgot one.
    1. Prophet Muhammad (270 million deaths)

  217. C-Diddy says:

    @apocalips, thank you and I hope there are more of us out there! Presidents are only puppets to the money that controls the US and the world. Mass manipulation is their specialty and we all believe what is told to us. Wake up America.

  218. Tom says:

    There really are a lot of bigoted, ignorant folks making some of these comments.

    IMO, the majority of these death numbers are pure fabrications, tales handed down to generation after generation, or complete lies spoken by their enemies.

    True, they were all tyrants with many, many deaths attributed to them, but as pointed out by many, those attributed to famine very well could have had nothing at all to do with their respective tyrants.

    As an American, I am as disgusted with the choices for presidents we have had over the past 40 years as anyone, and completely disgusted with this past choice) but IMO, the only true murderers among them are the Bush clan. I don’t believe in Capital punishment personally, but if I was to make a single exception it would be the last ( I hope) Bush president.

  219. Raul Castro says:

    You forgot Fidel Castro who systematically killed millions of his own citizens throughout the years in a political game of ideologic attrition. How many have died in the waters of Atlantic? How many dissidents have died in the rat infested prisons? How many died in Angola trying to promote his filthy social justice? How many innocent men, women, and children died in his terroristic campaign to take over an otherwise peaceful island nation? This man is gone now. Thank the Lord!!! But you have your history quite skewed and screwed up!!

  220. Edwin Van Delsen says:

    Don’t forget the 80 – 100 million native Americans

  221. Jinesh Kumar says:

    Where the hell is American presidents.

  222. ann says:

    Wow. So many hateful comments. You only live once on earth and if you continue hating and making hateful comments, Jesus cannot help you. Without Him you will experience an eternal death and therefore YOU __ you who don’t turn to Him will be your own worst enemy. You will be in hell with these murderers. Repent while there’s time.

  223. harkin says:

    Boy the America haters have crawled out from under their rocks to show they have no clue on all the good done by the United States for the betterment of mankind (nice too blaming all sectarian violence in the Middle East on the good old USA).

    Keep throwing mud and maybe have an anti-white riot (or just imagine Dubya on the hot seat) for the holidays !

  224. ekwegh chimaobi says:

    Well for your information yakubu Gowon will be rewarded very soon as a peacemaker not evil dictator. Nigeria for you.


    where the hell is SADAM HUSSEIN

  226. Lance W. says:

    Wait ’til the Anti-Christ takes control of the world… The world “ain’t seen nuttin’ yet,” once he takes over and starts doin’ his thing. It IS written and it WILL be done. Mock/attack/assault me all you will, it won’t change what’s coming. However, ultimately, “EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

  227. Geert says:

    What aboud the profet Mohamed he killed more then that to.
    Bud if you have to add him your list is realy to short.

  228. Jesse says:

    Forgot nr-0 america 100mill+ and collaborator jews: over 60mill+ arabs, allmost ALL PALESTINIANS, or ya know many palestinians???
    Look howmany lived there, they never let em run away 🙁
    Since 1947 even finnish mercs been killing palestinians…

  229. John says:

    What about AIDS?

  230. Sean says:

    To clarify,

    Yes, a lot of people have died due to US Presidents and their decisions, but they do not have total control, other people also had to agree to various so that it could happen. Also America is not a democracy, it is a republic… So yeah.

    America did not end WWII, Russia did (mostly), they were the main reason Germany lost, and they are (likely) the reason Japan surrendered. Everybody is the hero their wars.

    No, many people are not evil, they’re doing what they think is right… Ideologies can be used to justify anything, even killings large amounts of people. Also there are no clear definitions of what makes one evil or good, one person may have a differing opinion of what a “good” person is.

    for those using “God”, as stated previously by somebody it is not a proper noun and the word god has come to refer to many different deities and figures throughout history, so don’t capitalise the “g” unless you’re quoting or starting a sentence. Also god has killed nobody, and everybody at the same time, you fuckers create so many of the damned things that you can just say “No, {insert justification} is why they were killed!”, some don’t believe anybody truly dies and then many others believe that people just die for biological reasons without divine intervention.

    Human history is plagued with people dying at the hands of others, I don’t think anything is going to change within the rest of human existence. Also America is less free than a lot of countries, take most of Western Europe for example…

    Also a lot of these figures presented in the article are either unjustifiable or just historical inaccuracies, other are skewed due to not taking into account various other variables, such as how people died and the effects outside of what they directly did…

    One final note, reality does not change because of what one believes, it will always be there. It cannot be altered, but the way people perceive reality can be, regardless of how much you try you cannot change the past, nor can you the future. You may only alter the present and the realities being created… That sounded a lot more dark than I intended, but it holds up pretty true as far as current understandings of the universe go.

    **In the case that you’re curious; I have no notable political bias, I don’t even vote, I’m an atheist, I have a lack of empathy, I have no moral compass (I just do what has the least negative consequences that I can think of, so I don’t break the law… As far as I’m concerned everybody is just in their actions). That is just so you know a little more about the context that I’m speaking in.**

  231. Brandy says:

    This comment section simply reinforces the fact that you just cannot fix stupid. Not only have most of you seemed to have failed your spelling and grammar courses, but apparently, your history and government courses also. Boggles the mind the utter incapability to separate dictatorship/genocide/tyranny/war from each other. It also amuses me to no end how we, at least here in the U.S., have the ability to separate individual people from their country. For example: you never hear us say (the whole of) Germany was evil. Instead, we say, Nazis under the dictatorship of Hitler were evil. But it seems as if this concept is just too hard for some people to grasp. “America” is evil. LOLWUT. Like, the entire country? Every single man, woman, and child? HAHAHAHAHA. Whew. That’s funny. You guys are funny people. STUPID people, no doubt, but also funny… and to these obviously challenged folks, let me leave you with a personal message from one of the greatest entertainers in American history:

  232. richard jung says:

    Had the USA stayed out of WW1 Hitler would never have come to power as the monarchy would have remained in place. France and Britain not only dissolved the Austrian and Germany monarchies but confiscated much of the land areas. The sanctions imposed and restitution demands made it possible for Hitler to rise and restore to the German people some of the pride of which they were stripped. When Hitler invaded Poland (which prompted France and Britain to declare war) he was attempting to recover that part of Germany that had been stripped from Germany at the conclusion of WW-1.

  233. Ndm says:

    And They Call Muslims Terrorists

  234. Bellatrix says:

    The casualties of conflicts involving the U.S., the UK and France in Korea, Algeria, Vietnam, the Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq are excluded on the grounds that, though many would view these as unjust colonial wars by ‘imperialist’ powers, they weren’t fought by dictators.

    That being said, the United States involvement in regime change has entailed both overt and covert actions aimed at altering, replacing, or preserving foreign governments. United States foreign policy has caused unspeakable tragedy for millions of people by installing and supporting governments (read: puppets) that are “friendly” to the U.S. business interests, frequently under the auspices of stopping the spread of communism. And yes, that includes “evil” dictators and brutal regimes.

    Like millions of Americans, I don’t like it when politicians put on airs and pretend that we’re actually planning on invading any country for reasons of human rights, when that is clearly not the case. While I understand people’s fear and distrust of the U.S. government, I don’t respect personal attacks against individual citizens. To some people, seemingly the entire population is complicit in these policy decisions. Totally seems justified to me! *sarcasm*

    This of course is not unique to U.S. foreign policy. Throughout the history of the world, whoever has the money has the power. To anyone that thinks the U.S. is “evil” and other governments wouldn’t have these kinds of policies if the positions were reversed, I encourage you to give any one of many aspects of history a cursory glance. It’s a cliché but holds a lot of truth: Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Human nature can be so predictable.

  235. Chuck says:

    Wow this thread has been going since 2010!
    I was trying to decide if the Russians were the deciding factor in ending the war, or the U.S.A. There is only one reason I would choose the U.S. – because they introduced nuclear weapons as an option. If it were a conventional war from beginning to end, I would say the Soviet Union would’ve been the undisputed saviour. With nuclear bombs in the mix, despite being a late addition the final nod goes to the U.S. At that point they didn’t need anyone. In fact if the U.S. was run by Hitler clones, it would’ve been their one chance in history to rule the planet through the threat of nuclear strikes. The United States was able to develop three usable weapons by mid-1945 from a program started in 1939, with the help of three allies. Russia did the heavy lifting in WW11 and also inadvertently saved Britain from annihilation, they deserve full credit, they sacrificed the most. America however, planned early and had the ace card.

  236. RKB says:

    We killed 2 million Vietnamese??? I could have swore we killed more than that. Sorry we were having an off decade and all the interference from the hippies. The real crime is not bombing Woodstock when we had the chance and all of them in one area.
    We should have taken out your grand parents also and saved the world a few more pollutants in the gene pool.
    Look on the bright side. we only smoked 2 million but think off all the future generations of communists we prevented.
    See their is a silver lining if you look hard enough. Hear that……….its the smallest violin crying just for you.

  237. Joseph Nucifora says:

    I wasn’t going to leave comment until I read 90% of the morons that did. first of all the mans goal was ..obvious by the title…to write an article about the top 10 dictators by the number of people that they are reported as killing …based on statistic…not opinions..not eyewitness accounts..he didn’t say anything about combined efforts or that nature. And he quite simply did a very good job at doing exactly what he set out to do . excellent article and it obviously opened a lot of people’s eyes because of the American propaganda that were taught in school from the very beginning..the hard to accept fact that we’re not allowed to know what really goes on and if anybody still believes that America is a free country today you’re a bunch of some of the biggest idiots around because America has died it does not exist at all the way it was meant to in the Constitution which is just a piece of toilet paper these days because of loopholes and attorneys who can twist absolutely any fact toward the highest paying plaintiff… that could have made Mother Teresa look like the whore of Babylon.. we are not free …we are the least free if you ask me. there is no more freedom of speech there are no differences of opinion and if you have enough money in any country in the world you are above the law and in our big brother is watching you society that has become more and more true because if you are forging ahead Against The Establishment especially in America today.. they will eliminate you. And the whole point that America we are supposed to have a freedom of opinion and the right to protest is a bunch of b******* because if you do protest and you are allowed to continue to live without being shut up by some government official or agency that may make folks think a minute and say hey this is wrong …you’re made to look like a fool if you do go out and protest and that’s thanks to the ignorance and the low standard of American Education by the propaganda that was taught from when were children. it’s a disgrace what has been done to this country so any president that you blame for being a dictator and what THEY did personally just doesn’t matter because the president of the United States is a puppet and your vote and my vote means absolutely nothing…. it is the Congress the Senate and House of Representatives and and big businesses like insurance companies and drug companies and monopolies and conglomerates that have the final say in who run this country and what laws are passed and when they piss each other off is when all of the sudden you’ll see a major corporation go under or somebody getting caught or some CEO being stripped of his power because they made a bad deal or something…. not because of what the right wing agency news …is telling you on television which is so structured it makes government-controlled propaganda television in third world Nations look like genius induced doctrines compared to the garbage and entertainment value crap that is shown on a daily basis and drilled into our heads by Hollywood celebrities rather than reporters with integrity because they’re shut up as well. Because it’s all about the almighty dollar everything boils down to the almighty dollar no one gives a s*** about human value anymore including big medical industries that are supposed to be in it to help people instead they screw people royally and they don’t give a crap when they die or their families are destroyed with grief . It all boils down to the almighty dollar and why because money is power and the more power you have it’s like the big cartoon dictator who’s going to take over the world. Toronto borders that rental countries there are no set goals of sparkling political figures it’s about 200 people in a couple of major families that run this world and your life and mine my life is expendable we are Pawns in this game just like the game of Stratego when we were kids but you had a blank map as the game board and you just had to take over whatever you coold and all it is is a big game like a bunch of little kids in the who’s got a bigger dick category. kudos to the man with the openness and the intelligent mind to view people as people who befriended the Iraqi General who had that wonderful statement regarding education.. that is the truth. education is so expensive in the United States because the more stupid you keep the people the easier to take control and they have to get rid of the smart people in the United States because we had an awful lot of them and you can’t always make intelligent people do what you want to do because they rationalize and can see through evil.. criminal.. wrong.. greedy.. and psychologically insane protocol that the rest of the people are being brainwashed to not see oracion how these horrible rules and regulations are candy-coated..and they’re getting rid of them very rapidly …and that’s what we’re coming nation of people who do not question anything anymore who get the carrot at the end of the stick and don’t continue or ask questions how when and why. we blind ourselves to everything and we are becoming a third world nation slowly and steadily and it is disgraceful ..disgusting ..and anybody who believes that that’s not true… the research is very easily found very easy to obtain… still… thank God because that’s going to disappear soon as well .. perfect example the freaking idiots that are against burning the American flag in this country… yes it may be disgraceful yes it may look bad to the rest of the world but The whole point of being an American was the fact that if you wanted to burn the flag in this country, YOU COULD WITHOUT INTERFERENCE OR CENSOR because IT WAS AN AMERICAN LIBERTY TO DO SO …the whole point of true FREEDOM. Try that today I’m try it in front of a main order in your neighborhood with cameras rolling and see if they don’t make you look like either a psychopathic mentally damaged archon see all the stuff they’ll dig up on you if God forbid you even smoke that cigarette when you were under 18 years old and some Backwoods how you’ll be made to look like you dumps tons of toxic waste on homeless orphans during a hurricane or see if you’re not met by crowds of thousands protesting at your door that are not stopped because you need to be stripped of your Liberties or put in jail or something or my favorite new term that exists …. a domestic terrorist…. and then tell me that freedom of speech or right to do what you please in your country and your home in your neighborhood… still exists ….. wake up you morons you idiots you’re being taken over and controlled without you even realizing it and you’re just letting it happen day after day after day because everybody here in this country has that … well what can I do…. attitude …keep it up and these names of dictators who killed many millions of people will just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger and a lot of them now will contain the dictators of the federal republic of the Communist States of America which we are slowly and surely becoming.

  238. GeeWinn says:

    Don’t you people blame these individuals. They are are not the ones who actually killed these people. Blame the people actually committed the crimes. Everyone has choices.

    Would you blame Christianity for all these?
    The Holocaust: 6 million Jews
    The Crusades: 1-3 million
    The Inquisition: 1 million
    30 Years War: 3 – 11 million
    French Wars of Religion: 2-4 million

    Christianity didn’t kill people. It’s people who couldn’t own up to their actions that killed other people.

  239. Lan says:

    Why Israel been left out? Besides killing millions of innocence Palestinians they were also responsible for all the war on tbis earth! This world will be a beautiful place to live without israel!

  240. Terry WILDING says:

    After reading all the inarticulate comments on this web site …It makes me realize what a very very sad Nation America has become.

    Years ago when Nora was in his ARK his wife asked what they should do with all the animal excreta which had been building up on the deck over the years – Nora told her and their children to throw it over the side. …
    Eventually the flood water subsided..and there standing high was a huge mound of excreta …Nor commented, that it was so large it was like a huge island.

    Mmmm.. said one of the kids very excitingly. What shall we call it ?
    How about America .??

  241. FuckAmerica says:

    Fucking American have eliminated all native Indian of a whole continent. Now they said they are in a country of freedom. Freedom of killing Native American, black slaves, Vietnamese, Chinese and now Arabian

  242. jake vanderbeck says:

    I liked studying dictators when I was in 10th grade.

  243. TRUTH says:

    Well done Sir U did a very good job and made it clear to everyone that who are the actual criminal and the actual killers of the histroy……………..those who blame muslims….are now should be clear……..Some of u guys have mentioned the holy name of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA (P.B.U.H).THE ONE FOR WHOM THE WHOLE WORLD IS CREATED.THE ONE WHO IS LAST PROPHET OF ALLAH AND THE ONE WHO IS THE ENDING STAMP OVER THE PROPHETS.AS AFTER HIM NO OTHER PROPHET WILL COME AND HE IS THE LAST PROPHET………HE IS A COMPLETE HUMAN ON THIS EARTH ………..HE HAD ALWAYS FORGIVE HIS ENEMIES..IF NOT BELIVE THEN PLEAE JUST READ FATEH-E-MAKKAH..WITH A CLEAR MIND WITHOUT ANY DISCRIMINATION………..AND THEN ASK UR HEART.U WILL GET A CLEAR ANSWER.NO ONE CAN HAVE THAT MUCH PATIENCE.THAT AFTR WINNING A WAR.U FORGIVE YOUR ALL ENEMIES AND OFFER THEM TO LIVE IN THE SAME CITY WITHOUT ANY FEAR….TO FORGIVE THOSE WHO WERE AT STEP TO KILL U…………IT REQUIRES A BIG HEART AND GREATEST PATIENCE…JUST FIRST READ HISTORY AND THEN SAY ANYTHING.AS UR WORDS SHOW UR MENATLITY AND UR MENTAL HEALTH…………………….AND BEFORE SAYING ANYTHNG..JUST LOOK AT THE Guantanamo Bay……can any menatlly fit person do such things with any human????????????????…..can any one do that much torture to any human which is happening in that jail????? dont u people know about that?????????what is happening there and other such prisions is a shame for the whole humanity………..

  244. jikko kuitsi says:

    Kim Jong Un will murder 500 Million.. He’s as stupid as fvck.

  245. Billy W Williams says:

    There are ideas and ideologies behind all killers of human kind.Bankers are the true masters of the “killing machine.” all in the name of peace, freedom, liberation, and so-calked democracy.I per’sonally dont want to be in hell with none of the “pawns” used to slaughter the masses!
    America has a short memory…15 million African idegenous people, 600,000 Union and Confederate soldiers,millions of Indians idegenous to the North America, and untold wars all started in the name of freedom …judgement day is coming!

  246. John Cregger says:

    You forgot Genghis Khan who killed 5% of the worlds population.

  247. Mahfuz Rahman says:

    Where is the name of US President G W Bush for killing people in Iraq, Lybia, Afgsnishtan and Syria.

  248. Ye Tintu Tiz Alegn says:

    U mistaken @ Adam

  249. Dylan c says:

    Those stupid cowards

  250. Nil Toker says:

    Yes enver pasha wasn’t the best leader but he was definitely not a dictator. 2.5 million ? I wander where did you got that information because as a Turkish citizen I know that there wasn’t more than 23.000 deaths and Enver pasha never blamed the Armenians. He was a patriot , of course he wasn’t a military genius like Ataturk but he haven’t done this on purpose . And how can you dare to put him on the same list with homicides? If we consider that you are an architect page it’s very meaningless to share this kind of stuff. But after all if you still want to post irrelevant information please make sure that it’s true. Because you don’t own the rights to fool people.

  251. Josh says:

    “Holodomor” is a myth created by Ukrainian nationalists from OUN – supporters of Hitler, who killed much more people in Ukraine than Stalin ever could. Just in Poland, the Banderovtsi killed 30,000 civilians. Where as the actual famine was a result of several factors, wasn’t limited to Ukraine, included typhoid epidemic deaths and was much smaller than it is claimed. Wikipedia article on “Holodomor Denial” (nice PR move, let’s name historical facts, “denial”) is full of manufactured “references”, not one of them being an actual historical document. Please, enough of state propaganda in every blog and article, this is really such low move to put it here as a number of victims of Stalin. He killed plenty of people, no reason to add fictitious Nazi propaganda into the pile.

  252. Undertaker says:

    Nice piece of crap :

    Hideki Tojo wasn’t dictator.

    Leopold II either.

    They were legitimate through the governance regime in effect in their respective nation. For Tojo, the crime wasn’t really one. It was war, and their enemies made as many or more victims.
    For Leopold II, his crime is around colonialism. So, if the colonialisme count, this list should also include some presidents of USA, considering the way they treated the native americans.

    The author of this dish should return to school, with a real history teacher.

    @Nil Toker

    “I wander where did you got that information because as a Turkish citizen”

    Be a Turkish citizen doesn’t prove anything. I have a body, but i’m not a doctor. I drive a car, I am not a mechanic, or driving instructor.

    “I know that there wasn’t more than 23.000 deaths”

    I laughed.

    An estimate of the number of victims is given by Talaat Pasha* in person in his personal notebook revealed in 2005, nicknamed the “black notebook”. It estimates a population of 1,617,200 Armenians in 1914 against only 370,000 after, or about 1,247,200 missing.

    *Tallat Pasha was the great vizir and made a triumvirat with Enver Pasha and Djemal Pasha.

  253. SharkyJ17 says:

    I have some things to say to you, good article, it was an interesting read, and I found that your numbers were quite accurate, however your wording was biased. I’m not saying what side you were on, but its easy to understand how your tone could be extremely biased on another topic. But it was a good read and it was very informative! Thank you!

    ALSO, FOR EVERYBODY IN THIS GOD-DAMNED COMMENT SECTION: Be aware of your biases towards other groups of people, because in the end, NO ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TERRIBLE THINGS THAT HAPPEN ON PLANET EARTH!!!!! We are all at fault; it is human nature to try to push other people down to elevate ourselves. However, people’s duties need to shift to include taking action to support other people. DON’T BLAME OTHER PEOPLE FOR THE TERRIBLE THINGS THAT ARE DONE TO OTHER LIVES, instead, take action against these things. It’s a whole lot more useful than dicking around in a fucking dumb, cringey-ass comment section (except for the people who wrote serious, formal comments)! So taking action includes : 1)Learn how to find unbiased information (CNN doesn’t count, neither does Fox News), so you can arm yourself against the terrible things in the world around you. 2) If you want to take sides in a controversial argument, or just understand it, it is super important to ascertain all points of view in the conflict. 3) Take part in voting and influencing your government’s decisions (except you commi’s [jk]). 4) Peaceful protest is very effective, and if your cause is just and help’s other people, than other people will follow your action (that’s how the greatest people in history have created change).

    One more thing before I fuck out’a here: This comment section does have a conflict in itself. AMERCIA
    1/2 argue that Americans are bad, 1/2 argue that Americans are good. I’m American, and I admit we have done bad things in our history, and PLENTY of terrible things in our modern society. We killed a lot of people in Vietnam, that’s very sad. Our strategic bombing in World War II ended millions of lives and devastated the lives of millions more in Germany and Japan. We are the only country to have used a nuclear device against other human beings, in Japan. We also viewed American people of Japanese decent as threats and put them into concentration camps as enemies of the state. However, as a whole, we have done countless humanitarian acts to preserve the precious thing that is life, and we made up for the people we’ve wronged. After World War II, we helped rebuild Japan and Germany, and Germany has once again sprung up as the 5th best economy in the world. We aren’t savages, despite our brutal military force. We fought African warlords who controlled food shipments, starving more 300,000 civilians to literal death (Black Hawk Down). We fight for the people who can’t fight against the things that prey on their weakness. That doesn’t mean we are angels, plenty of terrible things happen in our own country every day. But in foreign affairs, American decisions reflect on the fact that we do what we can to help other people more often than not.

  254. Preston Samson says:

    Adolf Hitler killed around double then what people actually think he killed… by far he is 2 or 3 not 4 i mean come on Hitler killed more people than josef stallin did… sure most people think and beleive stallin killed more people in gulag camps and other stuff but no Hitler killed a lot more people… If you ask a hard core historian about ww2 they will agree i know because i am one.

  255. Muriel Arnould says:

    Wat about Tamerlane? He’s said to have murdered 17 million people on his raids throughout Mongolia in the 14th century, which is as much as Hitler, but was about 5% of the world population back then!
    I like the article, and I really appreciate Leopold II on your list as well, because he is often forgotten about and the damage he’s done is systematically underestimated.
    But I would’ve liked your list to be a bit more researched in a broader time and space frame and less focused on the people who were obviously urderous dictators, like Hitler and Stalin.

  256. m says:

    Only 2 out of the worst 10 are white Europeans. Makes you think.

  257. Ani says:

    According to Jung Chang (Mao the unknown story), after through research was done into info that was not made public, Mao was responsible for 70 million deaths!!!!!

  258. umar farooq jogana says:

    what about boko haram in Nigeria and (judge w bush) American President

  259. Jim S says:

    Interesting how someone above named (left blank…don’t need an idiot responding to me) …He makes a total fabricated lying statement and thinks we are supposed to believe him because it’s in print here ? A complete disregard of facts or reason. Just goes to show that liars are alive and well and spread their pathetic propaganda for the weak minded to absorb. I guess his kind hope there are enough who will not check out facts and history and he might persuade a few to follow. Well Hitler did that very well…..lied and the people followed. He said the “Bigger” the Lie that more likely they are to believe it. I guess he was right. Almost 80 percent of the German people were not even registered Nazi’s but they followed him anyway.

  260. Utku says:

    Many names in the list aren’t dictator. They are commanders or legitimate head of states.

    The list is just a crap. The biggest murderer of the history is Genghis Khan by far for example. If we take only the modern times, then where are the Americans, British and French in the list? They have murdered ten millions of natives in America, Africa, Asia and Australia. They have used nuclear and chemical weapons and randomly bombarded many cities…

  261. Julia says:

    An interesting read. I wonder if a future project is planned “Top 20 Men/Women Thoughout History to Kill Others (listed by millions)”. I’d like to see Ghenghis Khan and others listed. What years should it be restricted by? A.D.? B.C.?

  262. joey says:

    shout out to my boi joey stalin with his social expeiments

  263. Doug Sossa says:

    The author of this particular Top Ten is just posting his finds in his research of these horrendous slaughterings! To all that have given their lives for freedom and those still fighting for it, my hat goes off to them! Long live America and to those that oppose, Eat shit and live!!!

  264. dgfsghsgh says:

    Whether Hitler directly or indirectly technically Hitler killed around 80 million people, because he caused WWII.

  265. Charlie Knight says:

    I have known this for quite some time.
    Looks like we need to look back ad review history.
    Looks we have been budding up with the wrong folks, just for our temporary benefits.
    Shame on us all.

  266. steve wilson says:

    I guess the american genocide against the native population doesnt count? Niether do our – the US.s endless wars count?

  267. Graeme Bird says:

    The King Leopold business appears to be bullshit. The holocaust was bullshit, so you can minus six million from the 17 million total of Hitler. But it does appear true that he wiped out a lot of Soviet peoples in the East. The same peoples that Stalin was murdering, which shows they were working for the same bosses. This Tojo business is completely wrong. The Japanese invaded China, after the British ended their alliance with them on the sayso of the Americans. Then the Americans denied them resources in order to provoke a stand down attack. Thereafter they were fighting for their lives. The Africans you mention were likely subject to outsiders causing trouble. Its doubtful that all the killing could be sheeted off to one or the other. Pol Pot is more clearly responsible in his case. But in the case of the Jews taking over Turkey and promptly slaughtering the Armenians. This is what Jews do so its hardly to be sheeted off to one fellow.

  268. Graeme Bird says:

    Hitler didn’t cause World War II thats complete nonsense. Just one of the crypto-Jew team. Not any kind of prime mover. The Jews who sponsored Churchill were also part of that picture. As well as the Jews who sponsored Hitler, as well as Roosevelt and Stalin. It was a war of elite Jew pigs against the rest of us. Not a dispute between these four “leaders.”

  269. Maria says:

    Recently, I found out that, in my daughter’s Chinese course, Mao is mentioned twice : first with a quotation of a “wise” sentence of his, and secondly with the title of one of his writings.
    My question is : do you think it would be possible to have such references to Hitler in a German course ? Or course not ! Everyone would yell !
    So the question is : why the 18 millions victims of Hitler are more respected than the 78 millions of Mao ? Interesting question : try to answer and you will have a great deal of problems…

  270. what about thanos tho 3,4 billion dead

  271. Gary Youree says:

    The largest killer in the history of the world has many individual names; many we would not recognize – it is the hierarchy of owners who superseded our natural leader > 5000 years ago by a conscious lack of moral restraint and self removal from our social species and its natural and necessary dynamic for quality and quantity of survival.
    Both feudal and capitalist systems reward deception, murder, destruction (both natural and created), genocide, and without a paradigm shift – extinction.
    Every unnatural human conflict is rooted in these immoral systems of short term survival and profit at the expense of long term survival and quality of life.
    Currently US grown corporations, using the US government, are responsible for war conflict starting with WW2 which have killed more civilians and soldiers than all of the prior time beginning with civilization.

  272. Paul says:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned previously in the comments but if you really want to include an American on the list Andrew Jackson would probably be at the top. He was responsible for mass genocide of native americans and the United States as a whole nearly eliminated the race entirely.

  273. Tina Wakefield says:

    I totally believe in population control…These guys killed so many people, and their are still way too many people in this world…If I were a ruler, I would spay and neuter people like cats and dogs! And, if anyone spoke ill of me, like they do with President Trump, they’d be killed…We could kill millions of people and there would still be too many people. One more point I’d like to make is that, I am not saying this to be mean or cruel, I just don’t like to see all these poor countries and people suffer. The more people, the more pollution there is…Think about it…

  274. Milan says:

    hitler’s killer is MY hero.

  275. Anon says:

    Yeah yeah yeah, we get it… hate the U.S. Haters just have to comment, especially concerning Vietnam and the number of 2 million deaths floating about. But in your haste for hatred you failed to grasp the meaning of this article. Firstly it about dictators and world leaders that have killed many many people, not the countries they come from. Secondly it’s more about people who directly caused deaths, not indirectly. The numbers surrounding Vietnam are horribly flawed in the minds of haters, but hard to establish factually as well. But the U.S. did absolutley in NO way kill 2 million people in Vietnam, that is absurdly ignorant. That is around the total death toll of both sides. Yes they killed many, but the overwhelming total of deaths were caused by North Vietnam and it’s allies. And conversely most of the death toll against the North and it’s allies were caused by allies of the U.S. You can’t blame the U.S. for the deaths caused by other militaries simply because the U.S. was in the area. Just like with WW2 the Vietnam war was raging from long before, (approx. 10 years) before U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and…continued after the U.S. gave up. Most figures put the civilian death toll at around 650,000 for both sides. With about 150,000 after the U.S. entered the war. But that number (150k) includes those killed by both the U.S. and it’s allies after the U.S. joined, not just the U.S. And my last point here is that this list/article is about people killed by acts of atrocity, genocides, and war crimes (not the wars themselves). Of which the figures show the number of atrocity kills by the U.S. at around 30k to 50k, but once again includes atrocity killings by both the U.S. and it’s allies. Thereby separating it from the 150k total civilians killed after U.S. entry into the Vietnam war. Making it very hard to separate the total of 30-50k unnecessary (no military value) deaths attributed the the U.S. alone, but suffice to say that number pales in comparison to every person on this list. That being said lets all stop waring over religion, politics, oil, money, and everything else as well.

  276. Dave Berecki says:

    The list is fairly accurate… A “Decision maker” of some military force NEEDS to push the button that leads to killing 5 billion. The world cannot sustain 7-10 billion people very long without running out of natural resources… We need a reset button on Earth.

  277. DeusExMachina says:

    The idea that Japan’s entry into the Second World Wat was “unprovoked” is complete historical nonsense.
    The allied powers, the U.S. in particular, had established a naval blockade of the nation, an island with scant native resources of its own. There is a reason that Japan’s first strike was to the naval base in Pearl Harbor, even though there were many valuable military targets far closer, more accessible, and vulnerable to attack.

  278. videograf says:

    i would have thought that any given european colonist would have killed more. columbus is known to have killed 4 million native americans in 4yrs, but instead of putting him on this list, he is given a holiday and treated as a hero. queen elizabeth had to have done at least a few million. if you ask the native americans, they say that the europeans killed 50 million natives. alot of people on this list are dubious, particularly mao, and stalin. why would a killer be treated as a hero. theres definitely something the western media isnt telling us about them. and if mao was such an “evil killer”, why didnt he kill so many of the right wing leaders who succeeded him? i dont think theres any point to mao or stalin killing random people. they could just kill the right wing, or pro western leaders and the rest falls into place. just like xiaoping killed the left wing leaders, and was able to seize power fairly easily without having to kill large amounts of random people.

  279. videograf says:

    this list is not based on statistics, facts, or even opinions. this author was clearly paid by the ruling class elite of the west to put out such a list. many of the people on the list are not actual killers, but resisters to american imperialism, and purposely framed to be a “evil dictator”. the idea is to disuade people from following their ideas, but ive studied many of the ideas of some of these leaders, and happen to agree with them. their ideas are far more demokratic than the combined ideas of white western leaders today. alot of the real evil dictators are not mentioned on this list, or even anywhere on the internet, and it’s mostly because they are, or have served western capitalism. even tojo…. if he had worked with the west, instead of against it, then he could have killed as many people as he wanted, and still not be refered to as an evil dictator. same thing with adolf. his crime was not killing people, but disobeying the west, but remember one thing about adolf. he was demokratically elected, and enjoyed more popularity than probably any western capitalist leader today.

  280. sexdollmarts says:

    MAO zedong, though guilty of the great revolution, at least led the Chinese people out of the Japanese invasion.In the Japanese invasion war, Chinese people suffered more casualties.

  281. Ali says:

    What about Saddam Hussain ?
    What about Mohammed Bin Salman – the Saudi Prince who has started war in Yemen ??

  282. Robert Mugabe is one of the world s worst dictators because he is known for having his presidential running mate s supporters brutally murdered in order to secure the position as feared, long-term president of Zimbabwe. In addition to the utilization of violence against those who disagree with his beliefs, Mugabe and his administrative staff commonly give themselves pay raises, despite their country s economic problems. Source: Biography Photo: Blouin News One of the most well-known dictators, Joseph Stalin, ruled the Soviet Union using tactics of terror and pain. Under Stalin s rule, millions of Russian civilians died from forced labor, starved from famine and were executed by Stalin s military. Source: Biography Photo: Fox News

  283. SexySexDoll says:

    Where is Vladimir Lenin? Also killed 4 mio

  284. ??????????? says:

    Agree, Vladimir Lenin should be on the list

  285. You're ALL This Stupid? says:

    This is, well, sheer bullshit?

    And where are the likes of Temur The Lame?
    While also using the word EVIL, again, bias.

    These numbers are far from true.
    Your beliefs about Hitler are far from true, The Final Solution was not his intention nor his idea, and has no place in his ideology.

    Ignorant capitalists, demonization of all communists, a tactic brought with the christians, learnt from the poor old jews – after all, Egypt was Utopia, whilst you all believe them to have been uncivilized slave traders. -A fallacy, their very way of life would NEVER allow this, but jews need scapegoats, and the schizophrenic brother of the pharaoh, is who they choose? Who spoke to a bush? That performed Brain, and cataract surgery, flawlessly.
    Putin is a war criminal, and has committed crimes against humanity? What, by attempting to regain the land that belonged to his people for well over 800 years. In fact it was for a long time known as the Kievan Rus. Kiev being its capital.
    The United States, true Fascists, perhaps you need to educate yourself on culture, politics, and language – and where words originated as well as their original meaning.
    The world allows to invade any country them damn well please. And don’t even start with 9/11. We all know it is about oil. By the way, on the topic of war, what Bush did, is, or was, considered to be the first and only ILLEGAL war since Geneva.
    However, Russia does something, that is not even nearly on par, also for oil. And they are the spawns of satan.
    (Oh yeah, they are communists, I forgot – they are all slaves to their dictators, unlike the freedom seen under fascism – ermm democracy).
    Go back to sucking on Trump’s dick. You elect a serial RAPIST, as your “Leader.” And judge the rest of the world?
    Apparently you are all so simple as to fall for the transparency of propaganda seen in every facet of your own “democracy.”
    Go read Politik and Meditations and come back and leave a comment on what a democracy is and is not.
    Where is your power as people? You get the choice between 2 equally under-qualified morons, who wouldn’t even get a job bagging groceries, to “choose” from – so you believe – and that’s power in the hands of the people?
    I mean, its not like the English raped and pillaged their way across your Great Country under “God.”
    Sorry, there isn’t a giant magical bearded fairy in the sky, and if there were, congrats on your mass cult to be the leading roll models of what “Holy” men do, rape little boys.
    And Hitler was an anti-semite?
    Do you have any idea that amount of Jews massacred in “The Name of God.” during the crusades?
    Staggeringly higher than anything anyone person, race, or peoples have done.
    Do you have any idea how many Christian’s have even read the Bible?
    I’ll give you a hint, the over/under is 0.25%.
    How many have actually read all religious texts? And come to choose their own way based on their own “beliefs.”
    Over/under 1 in 1 millon?
    Now I put beliefs in quotations, as, yay, word of the day. Belief comes from the ancient Anglo-Saxon word Lieff. Crude translation “wish.”

    Meaning that ALL beliefs, and belief systems are like your magical fairy, complete bullshit.
    All Religions are control. And on that subject, who ever knew shit about shit to say “this here is a religion, this here is mythology?’
    I’d bet everything that what you call mythology, be it roman, greek, nord, egyptian, sumer, aztec. Are far more on point than your religions. Being that, studying them all, it is obvious that all of their “Gods,” are exactly the same or extremely similar, though they had no contact with one another, and existed during different periods. I will say no contact as I do not want to cause too many aneurysm’s at once. Being that Columbus was the first to come to the america’s. (L.o.L.). BTW where is he on this list? How many Native’s did he wipe out, directly or indirectly?
    That’s why a 3k+ yr old Egyptian queen has mass amount of cocaine and tobacco in her remains…
    Or why 42k yr old human bones and many tools/some pottery from the region of Australia have been found in argentina, as well as a hell of a lot of other items dating over 10kyr old, man made, found all over south america, while the Clovic’s, (Mongol ancestors), aka North America Native’s have only been found as far south as new mexico (17k yrs old).

    MANY names not listed here, belong here, replacing the ones chosen. And if the word Evil is to remain.
    Include the one who ordered the greatest “sin” humanity has ever commit, the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, all because the Japanese bombed a tiny fucking harbour, during a WORLD WAR. And then the same man allows millions of young men to die as meat shields storming France on d-day?

    Your moral/ethical compass along with your knowledge of ACTUAL history, is, honestly, just sad.

    As for who YOU identify to be, and what you claim to do. A, is a lie, B, don’t write shit you know nothing of. you are not but a fool. And any of those you claim to help reach their full potential… Thanks, more idiots are what we need.

    And what of those who allow such vast deforestation, entire ecosystems, species, and billions of animals to go extinct/die.
    While global warming (bare with me, this actually takes an IQ above 90, which 1 in 100 of you have, combined with knowledge of SEVERAL fields of science, that do not communicate, meaning unless you have interest and can understand any and all subjects… yeah… High end physics takes an IQ well above 150, and Polymath’s are 1 in 100k. Making me a fucking Unicorn.
    -Unless you send me a mathematical proof that any of what I say is incorrect, takeyour opinion elsewhere.
    less opion, more intellectualism? Nah. Fuck it right, we are already years past the line in the sand that once crossed means the world ends.
    So where do you yourselves fit in all this?
    Just too fucking stupid?
    One of those… fat, ugly, tiny-dick syndrome fuck the world as long as I can afford to pay this fat hooker. -Everything is sexual. Go read Freud.
    Believe all life is sacred even when due to your poor morallity our species is damned? Yeah – thanks, that extra retard, or coutry of people with an average intellect below 40 (there are only a few). And guess where.
    Oops, I just crossed the line, I’m a Bigot, everyone must suffer becuse your granddaddy was a cotton pickin N****.
    Guess what. I don’t give a shit. Shit happened, you didn’t know any of them, so fucking get over it – considering most of your type are fucking christian, aren’t you supposed to forgive? Ohhh right, none of you actually believe in the identity in which you give YOURSELVES, but think you can label others.
    Think you are being educated by idiots like the one whom this TABLOID NEWS belongs to? The websites name says everything for fuck sakes. I’m here due to a link my moron friend sent me.

    Cattle raised, predominantly in the USA, produce by far the LARGEST amount of greenhouse gases. Take into account it takes 1k gallons of fresh water to produce 1 gallon of milk. Which is toxic and if you still drink it, I’d recommend reading Freud, as therein lies an entirely different thread, and an even more dense bunch of “professionals.” Shrinks.
    -All problems of the mind originate from a problem of the brain. Find me one shrink who will ever take your brain health into account? -You wont, because they are all quacks – stop paying them to do fuck all, and admit your a fuck up and get it over with.
    (, education! yay!).
    It may seem I’ve gone off on a troll tangent, but not quite. At the rate of warming, de-ozonation, over-population, deforestation, an internet with over 99% false information, most of you, who, I assume belong to the following groups; I’m fat, ugly, stupid, or have tiny-dick syndrome, or, I’m black and my great grandpapy was a cotton pickin N*****. So I’m allowed to bitch and complain and blame white people for everything.” I thought we weren’t allowed pointing fingers in this society? (Based on recent QEEG studies, we actually can, extremely accurately, but that means your lives intersected). And the fact that white’s were enslaved by blacks and each other, on and on, for SEVEN Thousand Years.
    You can all sit down and shut the fuck up now.
    Please, do yourself some good, educate YOURSELF. Do not just believe what you hear because your friend “” said so and they are “hella smart, they’re a doctor!”
    Congrats, they passed biology courses. Praise Jesus, who, if real, is number 1 on this list.

    Say what you may, AFTER, you have actually researched whatever you are about to bitch about, because one can easily differentiate if someone knows a fucking thing or not. Otherwise, shut the fuck up, and do something useful for once in your purposeless lives. (That’s not an insult, all life is purposeless, but, if you knew anything of the Chinese, you already know this. And how marvelously beautiful it is).
    Now seriously, educate yourselves, stop paying a bunch of morons, who, your country will not even begin to ALLOW to teach you the truth, the same money that could pay for 5 ENTIRE schools to be built in guatemala. And maybe you will actually learn something.
    Prestige does not come from money and status, but your karma.

    Sorry, better translate. Karma means ACTION. What you choose to do STARTING NOW, because the past is gone, and all it teaches us, is how to fuck the world harder without getting caught.

    What do you actually know of Hitler? You would be astonished if you knew a fucking thing. Always cited as Satan. He is FAR from it, you likely know as little of him as you do anything else, so fuck all.
    Jews have been annihilated for thousands of years. Maybe you should fight back. 6 million people just walked into gas chambers. Who is at fault?
    All Conquerors leave horror behind them, killing the Jews? That “belief” is for very small minds, it was simply a means to an end. By the way, The war was won by Turing, a homosexual, who, being the greatest hero of the war, saving countless millions of lives, was subject to forced hormone treatment and shortly thereafter killed himself. Not to mention, that great lout Churchill, almost lost the election to Mosley, a true Fascist who idolized Mussolini.
    So watch where you point fingers, because this means a very large portion of brits, who faught the entire war, nearly by themselves, were fascists. And without the Soviets, the Axis would have owned this world. If only… An Earth without Capitalism, that would still exist in a century. I’m sure we will all have a blast dieing to overpopulace, corrupt democratic governments, war, rising temperatures and mass deaths from heat waves, disease, famine. And for the last of us, cannabalism of your own family, women eating their babies as they are born. (It’s happened before, around 450AD. largest supervolcano explosion ever).

    Typical of your great united States, under “God.” no?
    Use the Soviets as fodder, then as soon as the war is over, turn on them, and begin the cold war, trapping the Russian quarter of Berlin in a cage.
    Alexander? Easily number 1 mass murderer of all time if you count those that died by his very hands – not those who blindly followed.

    This took me 30 minutes. It will take you, by the length it takes for the average person to earn a simple degree. Maybe 25years to verify. Enjoy.

    34, MD – Triple PHD. My title would be far too difficult for any of you to even contemplate, spell, or say. Considering how well grammarly and equivalent apps do – you can’t even speak your native tongue.

    Hope you had fun, isn’t the truth a blast? Enjoy coming to terms with the fact that it is far too late to do a thing about the end of the world! if you were born prior to ’81, your generation (boomers) had the largest impact, literally one generation brought us from 50 to midnight to 1 to midnight. Because all that matters is status, correct?

    In case my point was not more clear for those of you prone to stupidity.
    Who will crack the list when all of the 35 trillion lifeforms, including nearly 8 billion humans, cease to be in 30 to 60(at MOST) years?

    Maybe look up the definitions of 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree, and manslaughter.
    Also look into passive mass genocide.

    Because nearly every single one of you belong there, as does your great USA.
    Perhaps the UN should do something? Of course they need the permission of the USA and its currently fully retarded president first.
    Those born 81-97 (millennials), good luck telling your children they will be dead by 60, grandchildren, dead as early as childhood.
    Then tell them you did nothing because you were too busy making imaginary numbers sometimes printed in green onto cotton that your cotton pickin… too far? I dont agree, why would the white when their slaves are the only continent to have an average IQ under 95. In fact. Aside from the ARAB NORTHEN part. which is not the same. The range is 27-78.
    1 billion people.
    An entire country at 27.

    The mass ignorance of this world – allows these people to do what they do, maybe blame yourselves, not them. After all, someone had to murder all these people for them, am I wrong?

    For all those who, I know will only see this with blinders on. I am NOT racist. All of you that claim to be patriots, that your country is best, your diplomacy is best. Drawing a line in the sand and saying, I’m Russian, You are Ukranian.
    You’re the fucking racists.

    Everyone else; I only read 2 comments. You are all idiots, especially those claiming to be professional historians. Congrats. You were taught, did not question, and now preach bullshit. That only took you how long?
    As you are incorrect at every point, and I earned an MD and 3 of the 5 most intense and difficult PHD’S on the planet, 2 of which I am sole proprietor as they didnt even exist as, well, no one could actually accomplish them, all in likely less time than a history degree… which takes… 100 hours? 500? 10000? I suppose that depends on how quickly you learn, the rate of data absorbtion, the rate of loss of already formed data clusters, the amout of individual subject materials simultaneously absorbed? Multi-tasking – for those who don’t know, neuroscientists, claim is impossible, the brain can only do one thing at a time, simultaneous versus sequential.
    I suppose that is how simple of a mind you have.
    Considering nothing you perceive with any of your 5 main and dozens of secondary and tertiary senses, (an example being empathy, wait, only 1 person here actually has control of that, hmmmm), can ever, or is ever, forgotten, each body cell containing trillions of times the data capacity of the average human brain.

    As Oppenheimer would say (loosely);

    We Unite (Globalism) or surely meet our ends.

    And for all those offended by my remarks on Hitler.

    Sieg Heils Mein Führer.

    No but seriously, he’s only the devil because your grandparents lived through the war, in 500 years he will be a Conqueror, well, for those few that live on mars.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it. (Draino works well too)

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