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If You’re Itching

assateague wild horse

If you’re itching to ROFLMAO, and you are one of the ten people on earth who doesn’t know about FAIL Blog (I ashamedly admit I was one of the ten until a few minutes ago)… This site had Chris, Juan and I ROFLMAOing all over Juan’s cement basement floor. 100% lollers.


If you tire of passive entertainment and want to dive into the online universe of Flash games, I’ve found no better guide than this, the 150 Best Flash Games. You can actually play Contra, Super Mario World and Smash Bros (Lite) online!

150 Best Flash Games

And if you’re just itching, read this article- turns out scientists have NO IDEA why we itch or scratch. But they have found an itch-gene. So one day we’ll pick little Billy’s hair color, eye color, level of aggression AND itch-free lifestyle.

Itch Article

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