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You know, I don’t throw out the “G word” often because to me, most people who are called genius these days, just have moments of ingenious behavior. But few are actually geniuses! I know, I know, what makes me the authority on who is a genius and who isn’t?! The same thing that governs this genius welfare bank that everyone else seems to withdraw from. Nothing at all! Not a damn thing! But…I do have a formula…or at least a theory. To me, a genius is a person who has somehow found a balance between the apex of soul, and the apex of science. For instance, Jimi Hendrix. Trained musician. Knew all his notes, and the science of the guitar. But clearly he played heavily by soul (also known as instinct.)

Another piece of criteria, is the ability to create. You cant just mimic Flight of the Bumblebee when you are six years old, and suddenly be a genius. A prodigy maybe, but a genius, naw. A genius must create!

In 2008, there are, though few, some geniuses. See Exhibit A below: Mystery Men, by Gnarls Barkley

Note: This is the only exhibit in this post…just in case you work looking for ten exhibits…ain’t no exhibit J.

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