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Monthly Archives: June 2010

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Senator Robert Byrd – The Bigger Picture

We’ve all been there before. Waking up in the comforts of our own homes and going through the monotonous tasks that kick off our days. Brushing our teeth, showering and throwing on clothes before we’re on the way to work, school or whatever it is

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6.28.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. FOOD Hotel Griffou Stepping down an unassuming staircase decked in candlelight you enter a little world unto itself, of rooms within rooms, serving up delicious seafood centered delicacies. The salmon tartar with ponzu was a perfect start, followed by seared scallops made all the

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Bowser, Meet Ryu: Super Mario Crossover Update

It’s only been a few months since Jay Pavlina dropped the 8-bit bomb on geekdom, but already he’s back with more. Super Mario Bros Crossover is a game near and dear to Popten’s heart. So much so, that we scored an exclusive interview with Jay,

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Friday Round Up did tequilla shots last night.

I hate having to think about capitalization of headlines… it’s tedious and annoying. 1. Did you see Bristol Palin’s acting debut? It makes me want to die: 2. I don’t feel bad about hating on Bristol since she did that terrible commercial that reminded everyone

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Remembering MJ…

In the year since his passing, Michael’s music has enjoyed a vibrant resurgence among fans, both new and old, and is now prominently featured on my current playlist. His presence will forever be felt in the world of music, most notably through his own body

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How To Destroy Angels (Free EP)

I’m in love with Wired. Simply put. They turn me on to everything I need to know in the tech world. Here is a perfect example: Constructing A Song. Sounds like an interesting article, and… it is. The article is a basic summary of the