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How To Destroy Angels (Free EP)

I’m in love with Wired. Simply put. They turn me on to everything I need to know in the tech world. Here is a perfect example: Constructing A Song. Sounds like an interesting article, and… it is. The article is a basic summary of the process which ‘How to Destroy Angels’ goes through in making one of their melodic tracks. Further investigation reveals that this awesome group of musicians (including of NIN frontman Trent Reznor & producer Atticus Ross) has a new album out. Oh, and check this out, it’s FREE! Word up, so get that ish: HERE

So far so good. The style is very interesting; something of a mixture of deep drum beats, jungle, smoothly presented vocals and a little techie discord. If you like Massive Attack, Cocteau Twins, or any variation of those transient electronic genres, you have to check this album out. What’s to lose, cuz….it’s free. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

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