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Monthly Archives: April 2010

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It’s a beautiful day. Not just because it’s an ACTUAL beautiful day, filled with blue skies, warm weather and lots and lots of iced coffee. It is also the day we, as a people… as a nation… were gifted with the knowledge that Batman 3

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Friday Round Up Asks WWSBD?

You heard me! What Would Sandy Bullock Do? The Answer of course ties to #1, the most classy thing possible. 1. So you win an Oscar and 45 seconds later it comes out that your husband is a gross-ass-man-whore. What do you do? Scream? Cry?

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Subway Art: Douchbage Edition

Most of the time subway graffiti is pretty lame. It’s not actually graffiti, it’s more like a dude with a sharpie who likes to draw mustaches on women and write an offensive term for lesbian next to them. There are a few awesome exceptions, if

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4.26.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. PLAY RED If I turn off my brain and just let this play wash over me, it’s quite compelling. The minute my brain turns on, I see through the slim conceit which amounts to nothing much more than a Columbia College lecture on changing

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Sorry Stephen Hawking, I sorta disagree on the alien thing…

Well kind of. I mean Stephen Hawking is a bona fide genius, and he’s absolutely right – if aliens ever did show up on Earth, they’d probably want to rape and pillage us. I just don’t think they’re ever going to show – I’ve got a little bit of a different theory that occurred to me the other day: We’re never going to have actual physical contact with aliens – we’re just gonna be hanging out with them on the internet – and I think it could happen really soon.

Here’s how:

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Friday Round Up FTW!

Ah what a week! For the first time, in a long time, it felt like it flew by! Usually by the time we get to Wednesday I’m like HOW ON EARTH CAN IT ONLY BE WEDNESDAY! We got all the way to Friday and I’d

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Matthew Lyons

Images from films that exist in an alternate past. I love this guy’s work- and he’s still in college to boot! Do your desktop a favor and check out all his work here.