Top Ten Abandoned Places: Creepy & Beautiful Modern Ruins

In my most frequently recurring dream I am walking through an abandoned water park. Though I’ve never been to empty amusement parks in waking life, I seem to dream about them all the time- ever since I was a kid.

The Coolist just ran an amazing article giving us a peek into ten of the most gorgeous, creepy deserted spaces from all over the world. From a Ukranian abandoned British sea forts to the City Hall subway station in NYC and even an abandoned Russian water park, these photos enchant.

Check out the full spread here. A few choice photos below.

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4 Responses

  1. Jamie Antonisse says:

    Many are the days that I think aboout walking through the ruins of Walter Reed Annex back in Silver Spring… the Beelitz Military Hospital is a dead ringer, from the photos. Awesome find, I have a new life goal of visiting all these landmarks (except the North Korean, I’ll trust KJI on that one)

  2. Greg Babonis says:

    Nice post. We should add the Flak Towers of Vienna which were designed to house thousands of people, generate their own power, and have a hospital ward.

  3. Evelyn says:

    How eery! Sounds like they’d be great places to write.

  4. Hurr i’m a durr.

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