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Tonight, We Bomb the Moon (No, Really)

We live in interesting times.

Maybe we’re trying to show India who’s boss. Maybe we’re just angry.

Either way,
tonight at, 10/9/09 at 4:30 AM pacific, we are going to bomb the moon to see if there’s water in the fallout.
Why weren’t we told earlier? Why isn’t this a national holiday?

The whole event bears a striking resemblance to a Mr. Show sketch, right down to the spectator sport aspect. The debris cloud should be visible to anyone looking out their window with a 10-inch telescope. However, since I long since sold my telescope for meth, I’ll be watching NASA’s live feed instead. Here’s the link for that.

My theory is that we are experiencing a test of the emergency social network system. They broke the news today just to see whether we could mobilize the world to watch in 18 hours. Let’s pass this test, America. Let’s all tune in to the opening salvo of our First Lunar War.

Full credit goes to Nick Robison for telling me about this amazing event (and/or making it up).

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