What I’m diggin’: Mother Mother

In the midst of the neon, polka-dotted, hackneyed, shitstorm that is pop music, Mother Mother, to me, tends to fit the mold of whats “now” without compromising the…well…the musicality in music. Sure, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Ting Tings, are kinda cool for creating simple catchy tunes. But those tunes are more like jingles, swelling with silly mantras for teenage girls to jump around to at homecoming, when some brace-faced boy says, “Hey you.” Her response…you guessed it, Ting Ting time all over the place.

But Mother Mother, though using the whole repetitive name thing, do a little more than make, “Oh Mickey, you so fine,” songs. Their music tends to lean more toward harmony and melody, and smart musical coloring as if Radiohead meshed with White stripes but Peter Gabriel was there too, and they were all “David Bowie gay” and their younger siblings were the Ting Tings…or something like that.

Anyway…Mother Mother, “O My Heart”

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