The Most Beautiful Tree In the World (Thanks Quora)

Oh Quora. The first month I started using it, I fell through the rabbit hole and it practically became my homepage. I got bored, mostly because there was such an emphasis on start-ups and social media, and now check it once every couple of weeks. But stumbling on this question today gets my curiosity piqued again… Nothing better than crowd-sourced superlatives.

As for the most beautiful tree in the world – I love how it oscillates between North America and Lothlorien.

The Most Beautiful Tree In the World.

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3 Responses

  1. Just me says:

    So…where is this tree?

  2. Dreamer says:

    The first pic is of Angel Oak its located just outside of Charleston SC it used to be even bigger but one of the hurricanes did some damage. the branches in many sections go out 40-60 feet go underground for another 10 feet or so then they shoot back out of the ground again. the branches are so huge/long in places that a vast majority of the tree is supported by man-made cables and braces. you could easily hide 5-7 average sized people spread out behind the trunk. its believed to be one of the oldest living oaks. i dont know anything about the second pic but thats a neat looking root system.

  1. February 1, 2013

    […] The Angel Oak is estimated to be 1500 years old. The oldest tree east of the Mississippi. The image here is glorious. LeeAnn D. has a wonderful photo essay of the tree without its plummage and it is […]

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