Chore Wars: A Better Motivator Than Sex

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We have all become loot whores. That has to be the explanation.

The next time your kids (who are we kidding- your significant other) starts letting the cleanliness slip a little bit at the old homestead, turn him onto this little game- Chore Wars. Control, thy name is RPG.

Chore Wars lets you claim experience points for household chores. By getting other people in your house or workplace to sign up to the site, you can assign experience point rewards to individual tasks and chores, and see how quickly each of you levels up.

Experience points are tracked both as weekly high-score charts, and as ongoing character sheets – every time you rack up 200XP of chores, your character gains a “level”, and their class changes to match the type of chores that they’ve been doing.

I would love to hear some success stories of this thinly veiled attempt to rule your man like you used to when he was obsessed with your body motivate your spouse or partner to take out the garbage. Does adding XP points really motivate certain people to do absolutely anything?

If so, why the hell are we stopping at Chore Wars?! Why not Conservation Wars, Charity Wars and Casual Sex Wars?

Also, they need to turn this into an MMO, or at least get some global leaderboards going. We’d start getting some amazing volunteer maid service.

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