OhLife: Diary Keeping For the Lazy

I used to keep a ridiculously detailed, comprehensive journal. I updated it religiously, at least twice a week, between eighth grade and the end of college. (It’s funny considering how overwhelmingly boring I try to keep my life.) After college I tried all sorts of tricks to keep the consistency up, but it didn’t happen. Sadly, when Second Skin came around (something worth documenting) I kept no journal at all.

I wish OhLife had been around then. The premise is simple. Every night at a time you choose, OhLife sends you a simple email. “How was your day?” You reply with a sentence or a novel, and it keeps a log of every email you sent. After using it for awhile, each email they send you shows you an old entry of yours, giving you that little rush of recent nostalgia.

Finally, something for the next generation of writers to study when they’re all penning your biography.


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2 Responses

  1. Love the interface.

  2. F Stop Fitzgerald says:

    How was your day? Drink any Coke? Search for Megan Fox?

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