Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Death of Our Childhood

Back in 1993, a TV show known as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered on Fox Kids. Little did anyone expect that it would explode into one of the biggest TV phenomenons of the 20th century. Now 17 years, 15 series and a metric ass-ton of merchandising later, the current holders of the Power Rangers rights, Disney/ABC, are airing the original series, newly “remastered” with visual and sound effects on ABC Kids.

Like most of my peers, I loved the show as a kid, and all I can say about this new “revision” is…


I mean, I’m all for remastering things that need to remastered, but what’s up with the comic-book-inspired graphics and such!? The original was just fine without them!

There goes another part of my childhood killed off. First Dragon Ball, then G.I. Joe (original), now Power Rangers

Andrew Monkelban

Andrew Monkelban is an avid gamer and writer, who has been featured in Second Skin, and on Wired's GameLife and The Escapist. He is also really into the Japanese entertainment scene. Even though he has Cerebral Palsy, he does not let it stop him from doing what he loves, although he's always on the look-out for technology that would help him with difficult tasks. He came to PopTen in the Summer of 2009, where he's now able to combine his passions.

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  1. Matt Ellsworth says:

    I had already grown into my “too cool for kids stuff” phase by the time the Power Rangers made their big debut, so most of memories of it involve taunting my younger siblings for liking something so age appropriate (what can I say, teenagers are dicks), but I’m 100% with you on the whole revisionist approach to movies and TV.
    Most shows lose something of what made them great when they get “updated”, and frankly I’m not sure there’s been much technological progress in the “dudes pantomiming in rubber suits” field anyway.

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