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Daily Archives: November 19, 2009

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This Is It (and it’s awesome.)

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post another MJ blog, because 1) it’s still legit sad to me and 2) I’m like 14% embarrassed about it… maybe more like 12%. And, when the promotion started for this concert/rehearsal/musical feature, documenting his preparation for the

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Dream Machine

I am freaking out! Last night I was talking with some friends about dreams… and one goes “yeah I have that dream that everyone has where you miss class because you’ve forgotten that you were registered for it until a few weeks into it.” Then

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The Google Story

Looking for a refresher course on how Google began? This beautifully animated video of G’s illustrious history kind of illuminates how many incredible leaps they’ve made in such a short time. Sometimes I forget its only been 12 or so years since this company existed,

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X-men Exist! How Top 40 Radio Led Me to Dazzler

One of my guiltiest pleasures this year (besides armed robbery) has been the electro-schmaltz hit “Evacuate the Dancefloor” by euro deities Cascada (both the name of the band and sometimes of the lead singer- bizarre). I can’t help myself- something about this song is so