Summer Movie Calendar 2009

transformers vs gi joe  1

May approaches, and many of us popcorn movie fiends are joyfully anticipating the special brand of euphoria that comes with numb butts, arctic air conditioners, screaming babies, SnoCaps, and- ah yes, brainless summer entertainment. Summer Blockbusters are my guiltiest (legal) pleasure (kidding) and as pathetic as it sounds, you won’t find me in the theater between the months of September and April, unless Petey J is unleashing another Christmastime Hobbitfest.

I’m a sucker for bombastic marketing, misspent budgets, slo-mo, explosions and gargantuan licenses. And as far as those things go, this summer looks damn promising.

My childhood dream of a Wolverine movie is about to come true, Star Trek is getting the Abrams treatment, Transformers will square off against GI Joe in an epic Action Figure Battle, Christian Bale’s going to show us what all the anger birthed, Potter paves the way for its two-part climax, Stringer Bell AND Avon Barksdale are in movies, Pixar follows up the best animated movie of all-time, and– WTF?! Looking down at this list now, I see The Time Traveler’s Wife is finally being released! Holy hell, I’ve been waiting years for that one!

Without further adieu, and thanks to Rotten Tomatoes (where all the links will lead you) – 2009’s SUMMER MOVIE CALENDAR:

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  1. MAW says:

    Love it totally agree.

  2. MAW says:

    Love it totally agree.

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