Rovio, or How to Be a Super Parent

As someone very recently entering his third decade of existence, I worry about the heap of responsibilities about to fall squarely on my shoulders. I’m about to get married, buy a house, start a life not dedicated to rampant hedonistic gratification. Before I know it there will be a young Victor the Fourth seeking my sage advice and looking to me as a bona fide role model. The job hours will get longer, the career track more Darwinian. How will I balance the nurturing Papa Bear instinct with the overwhelming entrepreneurial urges?

Oh. Rovio.

Finally, an invention that frees us up to be two places at once. I can bring my sleeping bag to work without worrying about Junior growing up with absentee father issues. I can hear his coos and caas develop into speech from the comfort of my iPhone or Blackberry. I can have that once-in-a-lifetime butterflies n’ bees conversation in between rounds of golf with various VPs of Product Development.

Thanks, Rovio. Finally, technology with a heart.

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