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“Bridging Cultures: One Pixel at a Time”

Let’s cut to the chase. The State Department threw down over 400k taxpayer dollars to develop and distribute this ‘X-Life’ game for the mobile phone. X-Life is a game geared towards middle easterners to help learn about the American culture, history and improve English skills. This will be achieved through the use of trivia, role-playing, and puzzle games.

“It also aims to show the United States in a positive light and illustrate U.S. values such as tolerance, freedom and respect of religious differences.” Manouchehri, CEO of MetroStar Systems.

Hmmm, this doesn’t scream, “Oh Hi! We’re the United States of America and yeah, we made this game to kiss your ass because our pants are slightly soiled and you should bow to us!.” Right! Saudi Arabis, Egypt, and Iran have been the biggest customers of this free downloadable mobile game which is, btw, only available on two phone types. The fact that the State Dept. has dished out several hundred G’s to develop a game to improve ‘tolerance’ and ‘respect of religious differences’ kinda slaps us in the face with the good ol’ ‘vulnerable’ stamp.

It’s funny how we can be in such an economic slump, yet we’ve always got money to assist our senseless fears.

Check it out for yourself:

The Game

Article from CNN

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